GSM Against Satellite Tracker

Similarities and differences of the vehicle tracking systems: GSM against satellite systems in the modern location of a vehicle, be it a car, a truck, a boat, or a single container, there are two – at first glance completely different systems. On the one hand, fleet managers opt for a conventional solution, where a GPS receiver / GSM Transmitter doing the tracking. Other operating systems use, however, with GPS receivers / satellite modem. But what are the differences, the advantages and disadvantages of the respective ways? Similarities – GSM and satellite Tracker all systems basically one thing is common: determine the position of the object to be monitored by a GPS receiver. This is used with the receiver on the American GlobalPositioningSystem proven for years. Sure, it would be theoretically possible to put also on the two systems currently in the expansion of GALILEO and GLONASS. However this is only with the full Availability of systems and also corresponding to due receiver sense.

GSM systems / GSM-Tracker the most important advantage of a GSM Tracker certainly lies in its great reputation. When an existing cellular network, many quite fast and inexpensive right position and additional data can be transferred. This is just to state monitoring sensitive systems of advantage. Of course the times and life can this very close log. Also a programming or control from a distance is possible. Individual tracking products can exhibit, a variety modules, inputs and outputs to CAN bus, allowing closer monitoring of individual conditions. Some key disadvantages facing the many advantages.

A GSM network must exist for the continuous exchange of data at any time above all. For this the modem of the Tracker must be always supplied with energy resulting in a high consumption. This must usually be compensated through the use of external power sources Increase size and weight, the handling deteriorated. If you really want to reverse impotence are cialis canada rx completely natural. If this does not happen then you are in a big online prescription viagra trouble. This is because they don’t need a large chunk of time for Bathmate sessions. cialis viagra sale Besides, some lubricants that are formulated with rare botanical extracts that improves erection of penis while dealing tadalafil sales with such medicines. Satellitentracker is rarely ever useful a up-to-the-minute evaluation and engages the satellite communication at this point. Such satellite Tracker can be used worldwide, which use a single globally functioning communication system. In addition, the otherwise incurred by GSM system exorbitant roaming costs in foreign countries use of the Tracker accounts for this. You work with your primary batteries often many years independently. High protection class (IP 67 or IP 68) are possible due to the smaller size. This makes very interesting especially for outdoor applications. Also, a disruption of radio communications by third parties on the basis of the type of data transmission can be much harder to realize than GSM trackers. (Keyword: GSM-Jammer) The biggest drawback of such a configuration will be the missing possibility of remote maintenance. Satellite Tracker is usually only have a mono-directional Traffic. However, there are devices you can configure at least with a wireless programmer already. GSM-Tracker and in satellite Tracker direct comparison with the vehicle tracking must be connected GSM-Tracker almost always on the car wiring. Therefore, a usage not weather-protected outdoor without constant power supply is a meaningful main application in the Satellitentracker. Alarm functions are offered in the devices of both techniques. In this case is mostly from the GSM device to the mobile phone an SMS sent. This option is not available is satellite trackers, but online can often retrieve status messages, as well as via Web Server alerts be sent via SMS and email. (see Portal: Trackerbox.NET) Finally, there are the perfect Tracker for almost every requirement. Ask us, we will explain you the advantages and disadvantages of the respective systems.