Blood Donations Save Lives

The blood donation services of the DRK (German Red Cross) offer numerous blood donation appointments within the framework of the seventh World blood donor day on June 14 new of the world blood donor day. Interested parties have the opportunity to donate blood and to find out in detail about the issue of blood donation here. The blood donation services of the DRC informed in numerous events regionally and nationally to world blood donor day on June 14, 2010, about their work and at the same time appeal to the regular blood donation. The world blood donor day is celebrated annually on June 14 and is aware how necessary is the voluntary and unpaid donation of blood. A variety of patient owes her life foreign people who have never before taken people who voluntarily and generously donate their blood. In addition to accident victims and patients with organ transplants, mainly cancer patients on blood preparations are instructed. Also for unborn children in the womb, doctors could obtain life already and avoid severe damage, thanks to donations.

The day is not randomly selected: 14. June Karl Landsteiner was born, one of the most important physicians of the world, who in 1930 won the Nobel Prize for medicine. He discovered the AB0 system of blood groups, which sorted the human red blood cells in the different Antigen properties A, B and 0. Landsteiner also realized that the blood transfusion between people of the same group does not lead to the destruction of blood cells, but between persons of different blood groups. in 1907, the first successful, based on his work, blood transfusion was performed. Until today, his findings form the basis of modern transfusion medicine. How important is a blood donation, shows alone that ensure that the DRC almost 75 percent of the necessary cellular blood products for the care of patients in Germany.