Versa System

To connect to an alarm system Satel wireless devices can be used ACU-100 controller, which allows you to increase the number of programmable zones from 15 to 30 and wireless outlets to 12. Through wired cables, and radio alarm system monitors the status of subordinate security sensors, while its response to alarm events can be set individually. Configuration and management of Versa-15 and devices connected to it can be made from fixed or LCD-LCD keypads. On / off modes of groups on the system and reset the alarm by using a proximity card 125 kHz, since the control panel supports both readers INT-IT. Moreover, the alarm system Satel can be controlled by remote controls with a carrier 433 MHz if the control panel to add expansion module INT-RX. In this case the user will be accessible remotely, functions such as arming and disarming, alarm about the attack, fire alarm, and on and off electrical equipment.

To send a voice message to an alarm event on the telephone number of the control panel Versa-15 is equipped with a telephone dialer. In addition to sending voice messages dialer allows monitor the status of the alarm system Satel, using a variety of formats, including the ContactID and SIA, as well as carry out its remote programming via analog modem via wired communication lines. Moreover, if Satel alarm system will be equipped with a module GSM / GPRS, notification can be done with the help of SMS-messages. High level of protection and reduce the number of false positives Satel allows selection of one of three modes of protection: complete, day or night. In the total of all active sensors alarm, installed at the facility or sold to any group. A proper, strong, smooth and painless ejaculation is one of the main causes of low viagra prescription count of testosterone. Should the IUI cycle remain unproductive, couples may discuss with their reproductive endocrinologists other forms of intervention. overnight viagra Mechanism of action: It is tadalafil soft tablets used to treat certain bacterial infections in many different parts of the body. That is why weight loss products are in demand across the United States right buying cialis cheap now, each one offering its own host of benefits and providing researchers with very interesting research results which they can use.

Setting up day or night mode lets you use protection only part of a group of sensors, for example, if the alarm system is installed Satel in a residential house, then setting it in the night mode of protection can be done only active sensors open the outer door and break / open windows, and security motion sensors indoors to keep passive. During setting of the alarm system may perform Satel programming of the following elements: zone outputs expansion modules alarms, wireless devices, the event codes for monitoring, etc. Programmable Versa-15 using the keyboard or through PC software DLOADX, included in the box, not only locally but also remotely. This program provides data exchange between control panel and a computer, you can view the status of zones, groups, and track the accident, and the relationship between software and Versa-15 encoded. New receiving-control Devices Versa-15 for the alarm system Satel already on the Russian market and can be purchased at a retail price of 88 USD, including VAT. For more information on deliveries of equipment, as well as designing and installation of alarm systems, please contact by email or by telephone (495) 787-3337 for the company's managers "ARMO-LINE", which is an official partner of Satel. The Polish company Satel is working on the world market systems security since 1990 and specializes in manufacturing and selling hardware and software systems for security and fire alarms of various objects. Satel lets the receiving-control instruments OPS at 4, 8, 10, … , 128 zones, and GSM wireless modules alarm, light, sound, and combined detectors, burglar and fire alarm sensors, power supplies, radio sets, numerous accessories and other security components. By means of this companies can manage and fine-tune the security and fire alarm systems on the networks Ethernet, Internet, modem or cellular phone.