Computer Fonts

To all those who once created a site or WEB page, surely the question arose how to choose a font. The problem, of course, is not simple. Development of the computer, and particular printer's art entailed the creation of such a large number different fonts, which may confound not only the beginner WEB-designer. Despite the fact that many fonts are extremely difficult to classify, that is, to classify any particular type or class, classification, though not very accurate, approximate, but still exists. If you start from the font styles, the fonts can be divided into two groups – a so-called serif fonts (serifs) and fonts, sans serif, (sans serifs) or as they are called – chopped. There is a separate class or group of fonts, called monospace. They have the same width of letters and symbols, as is not hard to guess from their names.

I guess you could not pay attention to more one group of fonts, called decorative. Their specific use in a variety of stylized cursive, as well as stylized Gothic, Arabic script, characters, old fonts. In applying the effects of three-dimensional image, the shadows, a variety of jewelry. If you start from the font styles, the fonts can be divided into direct and cursive. The oldest of the fonts used in modern times, serif fonts are considered to example Garamon (Garamond) and Times (Times Roman). Used where needed a simple, easily read fonts, which does not tire the reader's eyes.

In the WEB page that the bulk of the typed text. Your body needs histamine in order free consultation cialis to control and prolong excitement thus enabling you to have good intercourse. Its key ingredients are zingiber officinale, withania somnifera, white arsenicum cheapest tadalafil sulphidum, onosma bracteatum, caryophyllus aromaticus, asparagus adscendens etc. If manic symptoms in children chronic represent (1) a developmental disorder associated with neuronal damage and has been linked in some cases of brand viagra without prescription the condition. The drug is effective for around the same duration as the branded drug important source order cheap levitra. Chopped or sans serif fonts, appeared considerably later than serif fonts, in the 20s in Germany. The intention of the founders of the new fonts to give up what they believe, has no practical loads, from unadorned, and the notches, too, has caused Chopped creation of fonts. The most outstanding representative of which – the font Futura (Futura). Then, amid the widespread use of these old fonts looked very decent. For a long time even thought that chopped fonts completely displace their former competitors. However, this did not happen. The main reason that "futuroobraznye" fonts are uncomfortable in large volumes of text, they are just boring. Later, the evolution of these fonts are provided to us, such as the familiar and Arial newest Freeset. Decorative fonts used in the design of some WEB pages, for the simple reason that they are very difficult to find a font in a pair. If the WEB-page, strongly want to apply a decorative font, then it's simple enough decided to make his only visit, if possible. So, to sum up the results. If you need to choose the font, the most optimal choice for the WEB page will be serif and chopped, and the first shall be applied in set the main text, and the second – for the titles. And it looks especially good in fat and very bold. If you find it hard to pick a font for your site – Take these: Times Roman and Arial or Garamond and Freeset.