The Savagery

It is a cruel and wild act, much more wild that any native who respects the nature and all form of life. Because, that is the savagery? this really measured by the technological capacity of a society? this really measured by the power, the money? Perhaps, only perhaps, this relating to the capacity of a society to behave like civilized beings, by means of the respect and the common sense, two things that are totally absent in a scene military, where to destroy and to intimidate through suffering a town, is the only assignment. Perhaps, as it says Bond, ” we” to sees got carry eachother”. If, to take care of us an a others, instead of to kill us an the other. And I want to leave one completes reflection, to those people who participate in the wars, to the soldiers and the relatives of soldiers. That we have left after to have sent our children to the war? that they have left to you, those that have seen the pains and the horror be in a battlefield? Aside from a wage and a pension, that is? And extending our mind: That they have left to that they organize the bloody wars, to which they sack to goods like oil and resources? whichever money, whichever power and whichever benefits obtain from the comfort of their homes, only ordering the laborers to cut to heads and legs, to lose arms and the same life, destroying families and leaving young orphans? Beyond, I repeat, of the political and social reasons that the governments can give the towns, abriendo a little our minds, that we have left same after a war? It is worth the pain, or to only they estan us using? Perhaps, and only perhaps, it is worth but the pain to try to unite our social forces and to do what we can make to try to avoid it: to go out and to say it. Perhaps a single voice cannot do nothing. but only pudieramos to unite to us, 6 trillions of voices can do much. And that one that one better solution has, one but viable one, that says, because the governments never watched really after us, duelale to it to that hurts to him.