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The stories are on the organization of bases between the railroad workers in the city of Cahoeiro de Itapemirim.Mesmo with all the faced problems the Communists Brazilians had obtained to carry through its II National Congress, in May of 1925, again in the city of Niteri. In this frum partisan had been approved resolutions politics that pointed with respect to the necessity of the intensification of the works of organization and mobilization between the work force. In the field politician the party evaluated that after the two first ones you raise tenentistas of 1922 and 1924, the instability climate and disputes had established a division enter the elites of the country that pointed with respect to crossroads on the model of national development: in a direction the defenders of ' ' industrialismo' ' – supported for the imperialism of U.S.A. – and in the other direction the adepts of ' ' agrarismo' ' – supported for the English imperialism. The contradiction on the call ' ' conception dualista' ' of the Brazilian society, thesis defended and elaborated for the intellectual Otvio Brando, pointed with respect to one ' ' third revolta' ' that it would have to count on the ready PCB for I lead-there. Kamagra contains very online viagra check out that pharmacy store powerful and functional active ingredient ‘Sildenafil citrate’ which is also presented in other best medicines. There are many different between men and women on the sex life reactions according viagra on line pharmacy to the characteristics of the anatomical location, posterior lobe of the prostate or who have diabetes. According to recent commander cialis studies an enzyme called PDE5 in the bloodstream. So before you buy kamagra 100mg oral jelly buy generic cialis as this most preferred dose. However, with the end of the government of Arthur Bernardes it came also the suspension of the State of siege.

This made possible that, from 1927, the PCB could have a more open performance and started to carry through, for example, panfletagens and assemblies with a relative freedom. However, after some time the relative freedom of the Communists suffered a hard blow, was presented the Anbal project Toledo who, although the protests and you vary manifestations you oppose, counted on ample majority in the National Congress and finished being approved in August of that one exactly year. Also known as ' ' Law Celerada' ' , the new repressora legislation foresaw: the illegality of the parties of opposition, arrests of controllers, expulsion of foreigners, prohibition of strikes, manifestations of workers, the closing of unions, class representative organizations and entities.