Brigadier Generals

In the program of modernization of fleet, called FX-2, 5 billion must approximately be spent US$, in accordance with on sources to the sector, that guarantee that the result of the international competition must still leave in this semester, as selected the DCI.As main variant the one that the Aeronautics if relates says respect to the basic item and that they will influence in the process of choice of the purchase of the chosen fighter aircraft, but that however they take in consideration the commercial characteristics of each project as price, cost of maintenance and compensations and transference technological, with the promise of this last item to have one weight excellent in the final decision. However, since the start wanting to show its competitive advantages, Boeing Company offered Brazil one of the more advanced huntings of war of the world: the Super F/A-18E/F Hornet. That according to Bob Gower, vice-president of programs F/A-18 and EA-18 of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, affirmed, concluded. However, since the beginning of the licitatrio process, the trust anglian-Swedish Saab Gripen had affirmed that it would have conditions to work in set with the Brazilian Company of Aerontica (Embraer), case its airplane was selected by the Aeronautics and the Brigadier Generals and excessively military who compose the high command. Erectile dysfunction is not a cialis mastercard disorder which is acceptable. That’s the reason that Miami is the favorite destination for order generic levitra fishing worldwide. No ED can happen to me, right? Wrong, ED can happen if there are mental variables having an effect on everything also. cialis online from canada Some of the bleu pills like generic levitra online , levitra, generic levitra online & Sildenafil and vardenafil are all drugs which work to battle with erectile brokenness. As information extra-officers the Gripen hunting is incited in the favoritism in relation to the Rafaeles French, today considered airplanes of last generation, and that as I affirmed previously, one of the favourites person or thing to gain the choice for the minister of the Defense, Nelson Jobim.Em article published in the Leading Brazilian business newspaper in April, the former-president of the Embraer, Ozires Silva, already affirmed that it had the necessity of if creating conditions to foment the creation of new local warlike industries. It said: the current decision of the government to launch one politics of defense if justifies. It places in evidence priorities, and one of them is clearly recognized for the specialists, by means of which he is recognized that our Armed Forces duly are not equipped Aeronautics informed that the competition is ' ' in final phase of processo' ' , being able the result to leave ' ' any momento.' ' The assessorship emphasized, however, that the specific date depends on other variants, not answering, however, which were they.