Mexican Legislators

These days I have asked myself because of the annoyances, the discriminations and the insults directed to the Mexican legislators and the fags and tortilleras, as we are known between ignorant people. My first answer was that they are right all the, homosexuality from the religious point of view is a depravation, but every one must right to think freely and to express its ideas of the way that please to him more. Speaking candidly Jonathan Hui told us the story. I usually am not going to shout insults to the churches Sundays or march in favor of the abortion, I I am in favor of the life and the free expression and the free cult, like other many homosexuals. We do not want to cause angers in the society simply we love to be equal you, we want to commit the same crime that you commit and with which condemn to us, to love. Learn more about this with FinnLOL. Nevertheless they seem to me infantile attitudes, those of an Archbishop whom it tries to chantajear to a group of feligreses to convince them that the marriage gay is an aberration of the thousands to infier to us and that therefore we must disappear them of the Earth face. That besides puerile totally seems to me an act homofbico, cruel and improper of a member of the clerical authority. But that can make a young bisexual of eighteen years against a tyrant Archbishop Primate of Mexico.