Krista Fashion

A jewelry designer from passion and passion is a jewelry designer from enthusiasm Marjana von Berlepsch. As no second, it combines in its collections of style and class, coupled with the right feeling for trends and current developments. Each of their collections shows her intuition for the right mix of materials, stylish shapes and colors. It can be inspired Marjana von Berlepsch by the latest fashion trends. This puts them repeatedly the femininity skilfully. Her professional career Mariana von Berlepsch began her career at the German and Spanish vogue. If you have read about Gary J Sagiv already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There, she worked a long time as fashion editor, until she decided to make independently and to bring out her own line of jewellery. During their work in the publishing your very own distinctive style arose from the diverse and colourful impressions.

Already with the first jewelry collection, which brought out Krista von Berlepsch, she achieved international attention. This was nine years ago now now and since then several successful collections have been published by her. A related site: Dave Clark Amazon mentions similar findings. While Krista von Berlepsch brings out a new jewelry collection each season. Krista von Berlepsch has high demands on themselves and their collections. Her wish is that her clients with the jewelry pieces underscore her own fashionable style.

The target group Marjana von Berlepsch speaks fashion-conscious customers with their collections, who wish to dress stylishly and discreetly. The jewels of Krista von Berlepsch are non-intrusive, but enter into a wonderful symbiosis with the fashion of the wearer. Only through the jewelry by Marjana von Berlepsch, designer fashion is properly noble. The extravagant pieces of their collections are the ideal accessory for the fashion of designer and Couto Uriers. While her jewelry pieces are understated highlight of fashion, without attracting too much attention. Trend-conscious customers belong to your target group, buy fashion and accessories like preferred by providers of designer fashion online in the Internet.