The projections and immobilizations are very efficient in a combat body the body, but, for in such a way if they must follow some rules, indispensable for these techniques: 1. To use to advantage the gallows of the opponent against he himself, looks for not to measure gallows with the adversary; 2. To always keep in a well balanced strong base and when to enter in attack or defense can soon project to the ground the opponent; 3. For the men who cannot consume the tablets may place generic tadalafil online an order for the jellies (medicine in jelly form) which are soft and easy to speak about. These stamps are moistened and view this now viagra in india price allow a formation of rings around male penile body. Some likewise reported nasal cheap levitra congestion being a problem. There are certain side effects that the pill viagra low price will give you guaranteed results. To cause disequilibrium in the aggressor or opponent, through handspikes and launches it immediately the ground immobilizing after that; Important: The projections can cause serious injuries, therefore and of utmost importance to have a perfected perception space-weather, and gallows control, to control the level of gallows used in the technique, keeping a domain on the adversary ties finishes it, with an immobilization and to gain time it ties the arrival of apoio.APOSTILA SELF-DEFENSE – GMI – JACKSON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS – SGT PMBAHIA – MAY – 20106 LEGAL USE PROGRESSISO OF FORCAToda decisive and compulsive intervention on individual or group of individuals, when it reduces or to eliminate its capacity of auto decision (BARBOSA & ANGELO, 2001). But so that this occurs as the BARBOSA describes, and necessary to follow the basic principles as already mentioned previously that they are: legality, necessity, acceptability and proportionality. As the State HISSES (1994) intervines with violence legitimizes, when a citizen uses violence to wound, to humiliate, to torture, to kill another citizen, of form to guarantee the tranquilidade, and the logic of the violence legitimizes contends the violence ilegitima.6.1 Analise of Model FLETC of UPFO considered for GM and the FLETC, in which sera analyzing and adjusted the reality of municipio.7 BATON TONFA AND ITS APLICACOESBastao Tonfa as and more known, manufactured of some materials, adopted for the gallowses of security guard when used as instrument of defense, considered of low lethality, extremely I practise, when used of a duly well trained person, it constitutes if excellent weapon of self-defense, of high being able defensive and aggressive, in situations in which it has that National Secretariat of Public Security –