The Internet

In environments of synchronous communication (communication that if of the one in real time, as chat and to messenger, in opposition to the asynchronous, unbalanced communication in the time, as email and blog), it is necessary agility and rapidity. The use of abbreviations shortens the task to type, in chat, some characters, as ' ' H/M' ' they summarize a question: ' ' You are man or woman? ' '. Or an idea, as ' ' ' ' , ' ' without comentrios' ' , or ' ' ' ' , ' ' I hug forte' '. Again, a variety of more concise and icnica Portuguese language if makes necessary. The Internet, the Portuguese language and the school As seen in a previous section, the used linguistic variety in the Internet does not have nothing of simplista, nor of chaotic. Still thus, many parents and fear it to professors.

One of the reasons of the fear is related to myths spread out on aspects of the variety of the Internet that could negative influence the education of the norm standard, as the proliferation of abbreviations and the use of semioses. STORAGE: Store at room temperature viagra online away from light and moisture. Home remedies for Erectile Dysfunction: Home remedies are not sufficient, it is essential to seek tmj treatment options. viagra online We only sell through packages levitra generika of the different medications and supplements. The same power of the both medicine will show the order viagra levitra effect late. The proliferation of abbreviations, characteristic today common to the varieties of virtual environments, already happened in other historical periods, more specifically, in the Average Age, also motivated for decurrent pressures of the technology of the time. Before the invention of the press, the work of spreading and reproduction of the knowledge were made for monges copistas, in the medieval monasteries. The arduous task of the copy made with that the habit was developed of abbreviations. It had not treated or convention prevailing the abbreviations; they were decurrent of the intuition of the copista, and therefore, 0 variable. Such diacrnicas evidences are pointed by the filloga Raquel Valena. With regard to the Internet and education, it can be made two constataes: (1) the young today reads each time more because of the Internet; (2) the young also writes each time more because of the Internet.