Delightful Colour And Lighting: Colored Slate Roofs

Depending on the position of the Sun and light refraction, the living stone slate in the most diverse nuances–of anthracite dazzles to greyish blue. With his typical silky shine, the 400-million-year-old sedimentary rocks of slate each roof gives a distinctive flavor. Depending on weather conditions, the popular covering material adopts a different expression and dazzles in various colors. “Slate must be not necessarily grey”, stress experts, the leading online portal around the topic of roof. Even red or green shades are possible – thanks to special coming from overseas. It is also not colorized products, but natural colours, which had only raw materials during its formation. Exactly this variety of colours – as well as on forms – is it that love slate lovers of the sturdy stone.

Thanks to the wide range of colours and deck types, slate offers for any roof shape of the solution. Even the modern architecture has long discovered the advantages of the popular roofing materials. “But also to the restoration of classic old buildings is the attractive roofing material and ensures – depending on the position of the Sun and light refraction – an always different, always expressive look on the roof” experts next. Whether black, red or green – is mean all types of slate and covers, apart from the fine gloss, the extreme resistance. This little maintenance is needed, to preserve this timeless beauty.

His popularity among German builders slate finally not free owes its unusually long life and the diverse, beautiful deck types. But slate is not only elegant and high quality – but also highly flexible: so the fairest, and at the same time the most difficult roof forms are with the sedimentary rock easily realized. Bat dormers as fluent as they would appear from them open roof surfaces. Crooked or protruding at the height of the roofs go over smoothly. Towers grow naturally out of the roof out. Place, GRAT-, slate offers a suitable solution first, throat or foot coverings – for every detail on the roof. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. A roofing slate builders thus offers numerous Visual, technical and functional advantages: “The special attraction is however undeniably in the typical silky slate shine, so uniquely reflecting the different lighting situations in the course of the day”, so the conclusion of experts.