Dark City

It was a city that with happening of the millenia was in the complete dark, did not distinguish the day at night, the hours happened and many inhabitants wanted to wake up like of a dark nightmare because they themselves did not feel seemed that when arriving the 12:00 A.M. everybody underwent of a strange metamorphosis in a lethargy dream from the unconscious one. A person could pass by the streets of that one city but she did not get rid to be in favor on the lookout of beings who became monsters including she herself. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. Everything what happened was acts that in most intimate of the being they did not want to cause. The great majority already wanted to wake up, not to feel fear; it kept the hope someday to feel La Paz released that them as to the blind person who after abrir to the eyes a morning recovered the view. Until the hour and at those moments was arrived the time indicated in the dark sky a fire wake like the sign that leaves a mythological eagle when taking off by all the sand that is near the border of the sea; until losing itself behind the horizon of great mountain, until the moment arrived at which the city listened to that was different, felt like the water that falls of a great cascade after an enormous drought because of a long summer. Bobby Sharma Bluestone: the source for more info. All turned around to watch towards the great mountain while it was listened to:

They watch, there above, in the great mountain! – an inhabitant said, soon the rumor and all already focused their glance in a esferita of light that descended as was scattered a marble by all the skin of the high mountain Many were glad to see the light, it is more, almost all, but to a few it did not agree to them, soon from the great avenue like the sequoia that distributes to all branches towards the streets He is a boy! exclaimed the one, He is a boy with a esferita of light! exclaimed the other, everybody that was close approached in a mad rush until arriving at where the boy was, there stopped in the middle of the street but with a lucecita that everything illuminated I can see! , I can see! , I also can see! shouted thousands of people and the joy to see and to feel that one rayito of light in heat again ignited the joy of its hearts and the harmony of its being, a young person who was covered by the cocoon of the dark solitude began to leave him thanks to rayito of light that cut that shell, again the young person was on the awares and its glance began to emerge from the deepest dark and when arriving at the surface it saw a precious girl that it smiled to him, that one esferita of light caused in that one young person who a tear rolled by its cheek because could see the love again Anywhere in the world turned its life.