Cyber Anarchy

Postmodernists Anarchy: a cyber society is currently undergoing a phenomenon that has been rampant in many areas of life of people. Internet burst into the world of accelerating amazingly profound changes in the way of life of all those that can be connected to the Net a Vista as a means of communication and as a channel of free information the Internet is a great tool that can alert against pedophiles, disease and rights violations, can help us be more and better information and knowledge at the forefront; enables global research and keep in touch with cultures quite different from ours, disseminate ideas, religions, beliefs and even called the revolt of conscience against the status quo. a The area does not seem very well regarded is the potential to generate different worlds away to individuals of behaviors that were previously over-regulated and that the Net are completely free. Today a days in individuals with serious self-esteem, self-acceptance, honesty and ethics in the Net are a great tool to generate false names using false images even for non-marital sexual activities, in a repressed sexuality or for fun or perversion. a Antonio. Tono is a subject who is married with two children, his life is Catholic and focused work. His career requires it to be on the Net all day and his work is sometimes tedious. It is repressed homosexual and found that they have complied with the social demands frustrates you, makes you depressed and even angry with life.

I recently discovered that you can create an email account without it being the real one, could put a picture of a man who is not and thus he walks through social networks like Facebook or Hi5 contacting men for furtive sex under the name Pedro. Bought a new cell that used to be in communication with Internet hookups. He lives a double life and cheating systematically exposing his wife and family to various dangers in the end to prove he can exercise his exciting and guidance without difficulty. In a single research, both male and female study members who suffered from erectile dysfunction associated with viagra soft 50mg their program. Like I cialis samples say, boring stuff, but no medicines, prescription drugs or any other kind of drug or medication as the real treatment could be done either before or after the surgery. In the event of overdose, the probability of serious reactions is expanded. uk levitra ED is not a kind of maladies, but this is a symptom discounts on viagra that can be the resultant of any reaction of medicine or any poor effect. a Olga. Olga She loves her boyfriend but has fun showing off the nude web cam with men through Cam4 contact with the name of Violet, a website designed to exhibitionist voyeurism. Although Olga lives with her partner spends his evenings showing in the eyes of others and sometimes masturbate. Do not want to leave her boyfriend but the fact is that sexually she is looking for more. a The above cases speak of people there but that was changed the name but are clear examples of that society must be confronted as the rules of life.

It is not healthy for anyone that there is a lack of emotional, sexual, social undoubtedly lead us to a chaotic and psychotic world where you are with whom you can easily deceive. The fault is not the Internet but the deformation of education and values we have. Something must be done and noted that the Internet also brings pedophiles, infidels, sex addicts, drug dealers, other anti-values and harmful behaviors is a start. It is an issue that we must speak at home and in schools, there is no law to respect others or to oneself, is a matter of formation and depends on each family. But the Internet order will only come through human consciousness.