DNS Domains

A domain name is an identity on the Internet. It is used to assign an address and locate computers on the Web. Humans have easier to remember names than to remember numbers, so that we call a server by name. Thus was born a system that replaces the numerical IP addresses of the computers with names that are clear, the user DNS. For example, it is easier to remember lawebera.es than an IP address such as

Then, when you enter into your browser bar the coacv.org domain name, the DNS (Domain Name Servers) translate it to their respective IP by connecting you to the server hosting these pages. Thus was created a system that is organized in a hierarchical manner, in the same way that the system of IP addresses. In such a system, a name of an address (domain name) belongs to a top level domain. The Top-level-domains (TLD) are found at the end of the domain name. It is more than anything identifying abbreviations of countries or types of activities. Most of the ED sufferers were not able to acquire or maintain a satisfactory erection during the generic viagra tab sexual encounter. It’s available in powered, tea, liquid and other forms. cialis 5 mg browse around address Apart viagra pill price from the same, Wisconsin ginseng is known to be a vasodilator or PDE-5 inhibitor. The benefits my patients have found include not lowest price for cialis just the lubrication side but also for ‘putting moisture back down there’. For example: .com = commercial .org = organization non-profit .net = network general .biz = companies .name = private individuals .info = information services of all kinds .is = Spain .it = Italy .de = Germany .gov = therefore American public entities, there are several types of domains and who creates the domain is different for each case. The body which creates a domain registry is called and there is a single registry for each type of domains. These registry are large organisms, for example: for .es domains ESNIC AFILIAS for domains .info VERISIGN for domains .com agency which established and oversees all the names system is called ICANN, which is also responsible for creating new domains and assign them to the new registry.

Normally, users do not can buy directly from the registry a domain, if not that they sell domains only to a series of authorized companies, known as registrars. Once an owner decides to buy a domain through Registrar, informing the registry which acts as a license more. Then, the person becomes owning and administering the domain during the time stated in the contract. This transmission is a contract and, therefore, legal. In addition, it is important to highlight that the domain names are unique, i.e. you can not register a domain that belongs to someone else, so to register a first we have to make sure that it is free. This can be determined easily by entering any page that is dedicated to the registration of domains, they tend to put on its cover a picture so that you look for the domain that you are interested in and see if it is free or not.