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Alternative To Wi-Fi: Powerline

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 09-06-2016

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So does the Internet via power lines there are many reasons to do without Wi-Fi at home. Who would like to reduce, for example, radio in your own walls, can bring the Internet via cable on his computer. But it is also more convenient and easier via the so-called Powerline. This solution is also useful when Wi-Fi doesn’t work well for structural reasons, for example, because too many obstacles must be overcome or the range is too low. The connection via a Powerline used the existing mains adapter for transporting the data.

Laying cables is not necessary, only at least two adapters are needed. The adapter be plugged into the socket and each connected to the router and the computer. The network builds up all alone on the existing power grid it uses for the data transfer. Complicated settings on the PC do not have this method, the data connection on the socket is so easy can be manufactured easily even by a layman. In It can cause practical problems, which are then often cannot be solved. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro!).

In case of doubt, you must try out whether PowerLAN works in their own home or not. Because the power grid itself decides how good and fast is the connection. The manufacturers promise speed of the Internet from the socket 500 megabytes per second transmission speed and a range of several hundred metres. But the reality looks different, because these values be achieved only under optimal conditions. The older and worse the power grid, the worse is the connection. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. Also depends on it, how lost the power cord. Need to get the data via detours to the destination, this leads to considerable loss in quality. The biggest problem, however, other electrical appliances, which may interfere with the connection. If the Internet suddenly no longer works, because in the next room, a hair-dryer is operated, this is still annoying. Even refrigerators are typical sources of interference. Read here more about the available adapters and the performance expected. PowerLAN as an alternative to Wi-Fi security can be also useful if the network should be very safe. Because while it is quite possible to hack into network, from the outside in a Wi-Fi PowerLAN is a closed circuit. Who wants to get into the network, you must have access to the circuit in principle. In addition, it is of course possible to encrypt information within the grid using 128 bit encoding. This is important especially in tenements, because finally, other residents here have access to electricity. Especially in older buildings, electricity networks often run across several apartments. Powerline about extension of the Wi-Fi network using PowerLAN adapter can also be used to expand the existing Wi-Fi network. Most manufacturers such as, for example, Fritz! offer adapters, which provide an integrated Wi-Fi access point. In this case, Internet access is first routed through the mains and then further spread on the radio. So an existing Wi-Fi can be considerably extended network. This variant is particularly interesting for single-family houses, because as a single Internet connection may be enough to equip the entire House from the basement to the attic with Wi-Fi. Eva Otter

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