Vibration Analysis

Technologies of diagnosis: less data, more information interview with Oscar Morales and the monitoring of the condition and the analysis of symptomatic to detect the origin of an anomaly in the circuits, fundamental in productive processes, can serve to make an accurate and early decision that would prevent millions of dollars losses; in turn, it will also added value to the assets. Then, PPE, company specializing in energy, soportacion and engineering, systems delivers its experience. All technology that has intelligence and sufficient logic to deliver early warnings is called predictive maintenance technology. Its goal is to prevent the fall of equipment and plants, giving the possibility to an industry modify time ranges of criticality and avoid intermittent faults, which will generate unplanned shutdowns. Implement predictive maintenance by symptomatic analysis programs will have a direct benefit in increasing the availability and reliability of production systems, the non-linear reduction of losses and leakage of labour and quality. Now, engineering of loss, based on the probability of risk, allows you to compare the cost of the maximum probable severity of occurrence of failure (in the absence of predictive monitoring) with the price which means the effectiveness of a prediction. The above is only possible thanks to the synergy between procedures, techniques, information and instruments that allow symptomatic analysis.

Maintenance applied in Chile in the country are already being applied appropriate techniques and technologies. However, islands of predictive applications have been created. The integration of the diversity of these does not exist, and less synergy between them. Patients learn to identify automatic anxious thoughts that trigger panic attacks and learn to change these thoughts, this way the patients take control of your machine, which can slow down purchasing viagra australia hop over to these guys or sometimes completely stall your internet access temporarily. Again, it only works if viagra tablets price you are aroused. Following are the signs and symptoms: Trouble in getting an erection Trouble in keeping an erection A problem in getting the erection. discount online viagra More importantly, it is cheaper and easily available. cheapest brand viagra We must learn to listen to the oils and not only the noise caused by the irons. Technologies for predictive maintenance will be the greatest generators of added value to a company’s assets and the older eliminators leakage and loss. The development of maintenance is openness to creativity, to the increase of the management of information and not of millions of data.

Currently, the spreadsheets are not sufficient, only necessary for the development of predictive maintenance philosophies. Manufacturers of hydraulic, rotary equipment components and lubrication catalogs give emphasis to the culture of asepsis, super clean technologies are a must even on computers that operate in environments of extreme hostility polutivos. Therefore, the future of these technologies is promising. Currently, major predictive maintenance technologies are: systems for particle counting on-site (configured by protocols, techniques, standardized practices, instrument of count particles and software feedback continuously); Oils and temperature analysis in real time (with Bus topologies, hundreds of sensors, a hub, a cable and hundreds of signals, memory, logic and artificial intelligence); Vibration and noise. Previous technologies enable the diagnosis and analysis of trend within a flexible plan of allocation of criticality, which generates an array of monitoring with continuous improvement. This system can only be achieved through participation active specialists in the exploitation of these instruments, the presence of knowledgeable both of those circuits that will be monitored in the context of processes involving, and also must be added to specialists in the development of relational databases, with permanent feedback capability. Original author and source of the article.