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Consumer Electronics for the 21st Century

There can be no doubt that one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century is the seemingly insatiable thirst for more and more advanced technology. Consumers are willing to wait on long lines for endless hours for the privilege of spending hundreds of dollars on the latest iPad, iPhone or other...

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Choosing a Temperature

Outside the window is no longer summer, which means the time is right to make to begin to insulate, and insulate their homes. Today you can find a lot of ways to do this without the help of specialists, either alone or with household technology. For example, buying in a shop heater, you must protect...

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United States

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 29-10-2014


The report has been prepared at the behest of the Ministry of Commerce for a large group of experts in the evolution of society and education. Its content is explained with the experience of a character, Iona, a twelve year old girl, who lives in virtual worlds largest educational sensations. The idea of the American Minister of education, Rod Paige, is that these visions will help the implementation of the national education technology Plan because, as he explains, the construction of a strong America involves ensure that each child receives the appropriate education. The report notes that future information technologies will be powered for comprehensive dynamic content that simultaneously integrate movement, vision and sound, which together with the expected discoveries in simulated worlds computer and what they will bring new generations of technologies of the information, they will cause a profound change in the shape and contents of the teachings of different grades. Very interesting vision of the United States concerning the future of education prospects, especially as points out the source of information about the needs that will present this technological development applied to education, since it will require the union of different disciplines to develop the contents of the new universe that opens up to the present and immediate technology-based education educational and academicin whose design these groups of professionals must be also involved. The report states that the creation of this new educational model requires review in depth of past and present systems, since the new model presents is trained in principle to resolve these limitations. In particular, these technologies applied to education will help individualize the training up ends today inconceivable, at the same time integrate the sensory dimension of knowledge as never hitherto achieved with more advanced education systems. Another advantage is that knowledge will become irresistible for the way in which accesses its contents, at the same time that the new system will be an endless source of curiosity arousal, which in theory arrasaria with indifference which now traps to generations of students, unmotivated by a listless and rigid education system.

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