Traffic Police

5. Rush into trunk, get a warning triangle and put it in position away from the car. 6. Call the Traffic Police and, if necessary, "fast". 7.

(I hope not useful) to the injured pedestrian start first aid. So, my ill-fated "foundling" seated in the salon, asked for the damage (it turned out – only the sleeve is torn), the sign put up, the crew called DPS. They can choose variants of cialis tadalafil tablets. Moreover, it viagra overnight no prescription is also beneficial in the treatment of other diseases. While experiencing high blood pressure, severe headaches, blurred vision, vomiting, trouble breathing, and palpitations, 7 out of 10 customers reported that they can already feel the viagra 20mg medication’s effects within 20 minutes of taking the tablet. The main generic sildenafil canada cause of this type of pain. We can only wait and explains to the pedestrian traffic police that over the broken mirror must pay. And this may be a matter of not simple: starting from the "no money", ending mutual recriminations, "it's your fault." Let us digress a little – and discuss the need to call the crew at the scene of an accident DPS. It is believed that if result of an accident there is no serious damage to the car and no damage to the pedestrian, the traffic police can not call, but contented himself with taking a lackadaisical pravilonarushitelya signature: do I, so-and-so, he fell under the wheels of the distinguished driver and claims to it have not. And at the break up. How many of these accidents quickly and simply ended with a receipt – no one knows. That's just remember that if your so-and-so pedestrian changes his mind after a while – and will give take you to court – for non-pecuniary and pecuniary damage – this is a stark acknowledgment to them by the judge will not have much power. In the end, the victim says he was in shock when I wrote to you with this tradition – and all.