The Finance Ministers Of Latin America

Keep in mind that Uruguay is not envisioned that the member countries of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) structure a face to face the current international financial crisis during a Council meeting tomorrow in Brasilia block. Talking about marriage is difficult because each country has its own characteristics and different economic policies, told reporters Economy and Finance Minister Alvaro Garcia, who heads the Uruguayan delegation to the meeting. Garcia, however, agreed that it is “very important” to know how the governments of the region are not only global situation, but of their own nations. Add Prensa, in addition to the finance ministers and central bank presidents of those countries and Paraguay (the fourth full member of the block), will be those of Venezuela (in the process of accession), Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (partners). According to Garcia, it is difficult to determine at what period is the crisis, but added that since the countries directly involved in this have taken major steps that could.

Definitely, this meeting in a very delicate a test of the integrity, the union of MERCOSUR. Today more than ever, require well-integrated action plans, considering the geographic and economic asymmetry of the countries of MERCOSUR. There may be differences or priority to the politicians when the threat is serious, especially when there are countries that show poverty rates, unemployment significantly. Read more here: Samsung. It should discuss the asymmetries in the complexity of the international situation, to reassess the role of the state, not only as a source of public policy, but structuring these new realities in Latin America, of our potential in food, energy, industry, natural resources, as someone says. . Do not forget that the Argentine government will insist on the Brasilia Summit on the idea that the Mercosur should adopt protectionist measures to the international financial crisis. In particular, prompted an increase in the external tariff for products outside the zone most affected by imports. The premise will be taking advantage of the meeting of ministers from Mercosur Argentina will have to give a strong fight to get his proposal is accepted, because the host and main trading partner anticipated that does not share this idea. We are confident that the differences, frictions remain members of MERCOSUR are lumen and reach agreements that will safeguard the economic security of the Alliance, more in a difficult time for their economies.