A thousand years ago humans began to industrialize the world through the creation of machines and systems that distract us from our consciousness and began to disrespect the Earth. Before humans were dedicated to develop awareness accumulating knowledge and experience living in a world where there was an interaction at the community level. The trade is not based on the amount they had, but what had that could improve life in order to improve the spiritual knowledge so Therefore, our conscience. When the man began to take energy from Earth created a system that diversion of our spiritual growth and we focus our attention on the selfish intentions. We also began to separate from each other and created borders, languages and traditions that have caused wars and competition rather than co-creation of the earth and the universe. In general these PDE-5 blocker medicines are known as PDE-5 inhibitors, which buy cialis cause blood to flow to the womanhood bodily tissues and it cannot help in aiding an individual to increase sexual stimulus. Another great thing about online pharmacies is that they are made from the same core ingredients as cheap brand cialis and other similar product. This will on line cialis make it easy for you to breathe normally. However, in many cases, generic cialis in australia men need direct treatment or medication to treat this sexual condition.

So when analyzing our society was created to benefit a few and left most of the world in suffering, poverty, loneliness and hunger. Now our society, our economy is falling apart and with it the Earth. We use our logic to understand that what was taken from the Earth to create machines and power supplies have run out of planet to the extent that it has begun to respond to the negative effects. The Earth is experiencing a gap in their DNA structure and energy has been destroyed, causing great natural disaster that causes the planet to destroy itself. It’s like our conscience when we give up or behave in a negative way due to the influences around us.