Speech Recognition

New Google elections video search search is to mountain view/Berlin U.S. campaign make more transparent who doesn’t: just at election times lost politicians in their speeches often in infinite loops, phrases and rhetorical imparting – important information are buried including… To avoid this, Google offers a new search function. Google elections video search transforms into texts of the speeches of politicians and syncs them with the videos on YouTube. The viewer must not laboriously consider the lengthy speeches, but politicians can feel targeted on the tooth, by he narrows the speech about search terms. The desired areas are highlighted in yellow, fast forward or rewind is thus very easy.

Parallel to the spoken word lyrics are displayed also. This search function by the so-called speech-to-text technology is possible. For this, an algorithm converts each spoken word to text. A so far not error-free application, like the Google product managers Arnaud Sahuguet and ARI Bezman in the corporate blog googleblog.blogspot.com… confirm: speech is a difficult issue that is not yet fully resolved.

We are working constantly to improve the accuracy of the algorithms and the results of the transcription”, the two managers do. Kai-Fu Lee has much experience in this field. Until then, it could happen that single words or phrases are not correctly recognized and gibberish on the screen will appear. Human language is just an incredibly complex system. If one analyzes them and tries to recreate a myriad of problems revealed. Alone the coarticulation brings algorithms easily in the spin cycle. Refers to the phenomenon, that sounds and words are always slightly differently pronounced depending in which sound neighborhood they occur. The same volume and the same word exist so in numerous pronunciation variants”, explains Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days, in an interview with the online magazine NeueNachricht. evant resource throughout. At an estimated English vocabulary of 600,000 to 800,000 words, so the Duden, the computer therefore can deal with an almost unmanageably large amount of linguistic input. It gets more complicated when different speakers if the algorithm must adapt to the characteristics of the language system of the respective speaker”, more so Steimel. The days of the first generation of so-called electronic dictionaries ‘ are thankfully numbered. The technology is now mature for voice dialogs that better understand the expectations of the people. Ian Cole is often quoted as being for or against this. Based on a new generation of technology we develop modular, natural language dialogue systems that regard the user as dialog partners and enable natural language dialogs in the highest quality “, says Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. The product manager of Google want to Google elections video search not only the transparency of the US election campaign to increase, they are hoping for more information about how users deal with videos and integrated voice applications. Even if the transkribierten texts still not 100 “Per cent are exactly, we hope that the search for the users is useful”, so if and Bezman. Editorial medienburo.

Carolinen Group

Surf staged the site of mineral water brand Carolinen surf the site of mineral water brand Carolinen group of Mineralbrunnen Wullner with a refreshing relaunch under carolinen.de staged new. To deepen your understanding Mikkel Svane is the source. This carolinen.de surf for the complete technical, conceptual and graphical relaunch of the website is responsible. Aimed at it, as traditional family-owned company with a wide range of products in the areas of innovative and health-oriented to represent the brand Carolinen drinks of hint of fruit, mineral water and sodas. Coinciding with the relaunch, the large Carolinen starts wheel of Fortune contest, in which participants have the chance to over 4,500 prices. To rotate the wheel, action codes must be redeemed in advance. The codes for the action is located on nearly a million bottles by Carolinen. In addition, the website provides valuable knowledge around the theme of water, as for example drinking tips from the nutrition expert Dagmar von CRAMM.

A further highlight on the site is the extensive guest robe Empire, which holds numerous culinary tips in the region. The content management system TYPO3 was employed as technical environment for the Web site that has been adapted, in its current version on the brand and extended by different extensions. The leading mineral water in Ostwestfalen-Lippe and large parts of Westphalia is Carolinen today. More information under: surf, Internet Agency for efficient communication and E-business, plans and implements Web applications at offices in Cologne and Berlin for companies, associations and organisations. These include for example: AWD, BUTLERS, bugatti, beetle, Hannover 96, L ‘ Oreal, HWA, Galeria Kaufhof u.v.m. Your contact for further information: Niels of Santiago Tel. 0221.9139200 E-Mail: more information:

Consulting Group

A software direct comparison paid the online trading boom. Clothing, medicines, furniture, cars, household appliances, food: It hardly matters that can be purchased on the Web absolutely not also exist. But only a few online shoppers think about the technical implementation of a purchase and the online shop programming. The online shop programming as a component of the E-Commerce when online trading also called “E-Commerce”, which means translated e-commerce. E-commerce is defined as purchasing and sales of services through an electronic connection. This includes the Commerce with articles as well as business processes, for example the online banking. More info: ALPR.

The most basic indicator of E-commerce is that both parties have contact not more directly with each other, instead digital and communicate with each other through electronic channels. It originated mid of 1990s as the Internet was opened for business.Amazon was founded in 1994 as the first online store. E-Commerce has over the years, become an important distribution channel. Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also order viagra called impotence, is a sexual disorder characterized by the inability to get and maintain an erection. Yohimbe is considered an aphrodisiac and a sexual stimulant, a nervine tonic that possesses anti fatigue and anti-stress benefits Safed Musali – an age-old remedy for seminal weakness and erectile dysfunction, and promotes vigour and vitality The free viagra without prescription shilajit gold capsule has many more ingredients that contribute to the power packed benefits of this herbal supplement. Spring is the key time for detoxification; autumn is also important. discount viagra from canada Drugs Some of the most common childhood anxiety http://downtownsault.org/up-north-leather/ purchase generic levitra cure is drugs. The trend is “Multi-channel strategies”. Meanwhile, almost every offline operators also dares the step in the network. Among them are several small and specialized niche products dealer.

Several times, the pure player, who used to date only on the Internet, go the opposite way. So Amazon and Zalando plan to open their own shops. The reason for this is simple: according to the “Boston Consulting Group” 50 percent of Internet users find out online about products, which they then “offline” buy in the trade. Open-source shop systems rich online shop programming from today’s systems to the online shop software development by ordering payment, storage and shipment of the goods to the customer management the entire buying process cover. But hardly an online buyers worried about the technology in the background, which is required for an online shop programming. Here, the software is not that complicated and high-priced, as many think. Open-source software also extends to the From online shop programming for entry into online trading.

German Institute

Only a few weeks old and already 10 million users: Google’s new social network Google + is a complete success. Only a few weeks old and already 10 million users: Google’s new social network Google + is a complete success. Although the network is still in the beta testing phase, it’s excellent among users. The German Institute of marketing displays in an exclusive webinar at 21.07.2011, which features Google + offers and how users can optimally set up your profile. Check out Mashable for additional information. The world’s largest social network Facebook media sky has long been regarded as a uneinholbarer star in the social.

More than 750 million users are currently logged on, half of them visited the network every day. Facebook app leads the iTunes list of most downloaded applications, has long been on. The possibility that another network Facebook could be dangerous, drew almost no one considered. Such a threat could represent now Google +. Also, in this problem a person feels like the world is burdened with various sexual issues. cialis discount india At the age getting viagra of 35 she decided to start Chiropractor proper care. They need not have to seek medical help if you experience any intimate issue that prevents you from being proactive about your condition, doing things you sildenafil cipla know you should be to overcome the disease: exercising and eating right. As I mentioned earlier, this idea of a http://robertrobb.com/2019/04/page/2/ generic levitra online person and as a result cause ED. Because Google + benefits right there, where the weaknesses lie on Facebook: transparency, usability and Clarity. Although Google + offers no fundamentally new functions and is missing some important features yet – still see the long-sought “Facebook Killer” experts in the network. Indeed, the launch of the network struck high waves: already in the first weeks of the trial 10 million users signed up.

New reports, information and tips about Google + appears currently daily in the media. The German Institute for marketing its customers with the latest Webinar “Introduction to Google +” offers an easy entry into the new network. On Thursday, the 21.07 at 16.00, leads project manager Felix Beilharz participants in the network, explains the functions and advises what the set up and use to make is. “Google + can rely on Google’s accumulated wealth of experience and a huge amount of data. If Google + can establish itself as the integration platform of all Google services, it will be a serious competitor to Facebook”promises of the moderator. The webinar will be held on 21.07.2011 at 4: 00 and takes about one Hour.

Social Network

Nachbarn.CC, that of the cliques homepage to the community was Gera, may 18, 2010. From now finally also for young and old: Nachbarn.CC that was home of the cliques to the community is becoming increasingly popular. The membership is, as with all social communities free of charge. In the medium term will be Nachbarn.CC in other countries at the start. The Nachbarn.CC founder Benjamin Dietz, Kevin Bessner and Michel P.s for the conception of Nachbarn.CC, about the new project: with Nachbarn.CC, we offer exactly what all people want. A private network with countless functions to acquaintances and the usually the laptop’s built-in webcam to use. to find or get to know new people “, explained Nachbarn.CC founder Benjamin Dietz, Kevin Bessner and Michel P.s. “Nachbarn.CC of Germany residents online” as with other social communities can members in their own profile name, age, date of birth, school and workplace but also hobbies, interests and favorite bands indicate.

One can upload also his lieblingsvideo, as well as a background picture for his profile. But Nachbarn.CC has even more to offer e.g.: members sincerely, Knuffeln, etc. or the easy to use 1 to 1 chat. The webcam chat, which is used very well by the users is now new. A friendly display provides continuous information what are known. How should control sleep-related canada viagra erectile problems? Since sleep is underlying cause of male erectile issue so, one should take sleep treatment primarily. viagra for females see that This serves to give more space to store all your snaps, clips, songs, letters etc. 3. As leads are captured you can predetermine how you want to manage them tadalafil prices and design a marketing campaign starts after the mails are sent out. You should be attentive and listen carefully what he/she is talking cialis 40 mg about.

Much like the MSN Messenger. Search functions allow to find other members of the own city or school and at any time to get in contact with them. This intuitive and easy menu navigation releases each user, which information should be visible to the public. About discussion groups, members can topics of their choice, for example what teaching is right for me? “, discuss, plan your weekend together or get together to prepare for class work in common chat. In addition, the interactive photo albums offer the ability to manage your own photos, edit, and to share with others. Benjamin Dietz: We use in the development of the network on an intensive dialogue with the members to develop optimal and to achieve social added value.” You decide how the community evolves the members on Nachbarn.CC even features can suggest. In 99% of cases, the desired functions are implemented very quickly. Almost monthly, new features are added. A hot or not was required before short”review for the profile. After a short time, this function has been implemented. Nachbarn.CC distinguishes itself with the very good support, which help constantly and quickly tried. Fake – accounts are not to be found, since every user on authenticity is checked on Nachbarn.CC. Claudia Muller

XING Connects

Networking is people, information, and contacts in fashion: among the many social networks on the Internet, there are many who devote themselves to mainly private contacts, and a few that are intended for professional networking. Mashable may find this interesting as well. XING, formerly “open Business Club“, is one of them. Here abound and can be found a wide variety of people and institutions with their various goals: companies present themselves, talent search headhunters, professionals in the artistic field contacts for new orders and Exchange in groups and forums about their work, students and graduates to look for jobs and many people register at XING, to keep in touch with colleagues easily and conveniently, former classmates or colleagues to stay. In the weekly newsletter, and on the personal home page the Member regularly undergoes what is happening with acquaintances from the own contact list, which events visit, what new contacts they have etc., So for example the birthday reminder has already some embarrassment saves… That the portal is lively, is located on the range, the XING is available: you can find people by their name (E.g. Thomas Wos) or even after their disciplines or locations.

There is an enormous amount of groups to the various areas of interest, moderated by members, with message service, forums, news, etc. This ingredient was primarily discovered for the hypertension, angina cheap order viagra etc. Goji Berries are resident to the Tibetan Himalayas but the buy viagra for women fruit grows in northern China as well. To order viagra find out exactly what is causing is ED, you need to monitor your night time erection. These capsules are prepared with several potent and pure natural generic viagra 100mg herbs, for example, Dalchini oil, Kapur oil, Kalonji oil, Jaiphal oil, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Akarkara, Javitri, and Samudra phal. right on the home page welcomes the Member with vacancies, and the numerous events of the regional XING groups and other networks in addition the one or other useful occupational contact can establish or maintain. His own profile on the portal is the business card, which is often the first of contact: here it arises – discretion in detail or just – with his real name, his photograph, his function, his career, his interests, his skills and, depending, also with its range of services and its contact information. Who can see how much of the information can be adjusted individually, from the outset and Additionally at the contact confirmation. Each decide how extensively he wants to use the features of XING on the one hand through the settings, on the other hand through the choice of its membership basic membership offers many useful ways of research and self representation, with premium membership, more options are added. Meanwhile, over eight million people use the network, according to XING. Despite all discussions about privacy and the risks of data abuse include today in many people, to have a profile and a list of contacts in a network, and xing, which comes by the way from Germany and not from the United States, one of them. Thomas WOS