How To Remove Facebook Applications

The mere fact that such applications access your user data may be algoatemorizante. But there is something easy that everyone can do to minimize your risk and that is delete Facebook applications that no longer used. The process for doing so is incredibly simple. After you login into Facebook, do the following: 1. click on account in the top right of the screen. 2. It is not something Alina de Almeida would like to discuss. Click settings in application 3. Change the Show drop-down box for authorized.

This will show you all the applications that you have now. 4. From the resulting list, click the X button on the right side next to each application that you want to delete. 5. In the pop-up dialog box that appears, click Delete and then click OK in the check box next to confirm that the application has been deleted.

Repeat this process to remove all applications that no longer used on a regular basis. Doing this will not eliminate risk altogether of that access their data nothing can do that, but is a good first step in reducing it. Provided you have a Facebook account, and its data are not deprived. If privacy really really is a concern for you, it is time to find that button to delete your account. (Track: in the account settings section.