The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that the creator created a general desire within which all future creation unfolds. Here, Peter Asaro expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This unique desire covers an immense amount of individual desires that are interconnected in a single system called Adam (the first man) channels, or in Kabbalistic terms, the collective soul. Then and as the Plan of creation, the creator begins to ruin relationships between different parts of that unique desire and they begin to lose the connection that had between them in its initial state. As a sick body whose bodies lose their reciprocal operation, also parts of the collective soul lost its interconnection until they are in a total imbalance.Similar to a disease in our world is acknowledged by signs of imbalance, as for example, when the fever goes up, or when it changes the chemical composition of the blood, thus are indications of disease in our general body. Why the great plan of the? Should creator affect us in this way? Why did you need to create a disease in our collective body? Therefore there was no other way of doing it, we had to recognize that our body was sick; come to feel the damage before that we could bring you health.

So happened that the disease, or the deterioration of our relations, takes place in our initial state, and us we started to feel less and less connected together. This process occurs at 125 degrees of disintegration, from the infinite State where all of us were United as one man with one heart, until the connection between souls vanishes entirely. This world – imaginary reality is more, in the course of this fall by the 125 steps, an even bigger at a place called Parsa damage occurs and is consequently formed a negative connection at the place where we used to be connected in a positive way. .

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