Platform Console

In recent times can be seen on the network, or hear in daily conversation with people thinking that the PC as a gaming platform, has died. Died finally and irrevocably, they say, the PC is being released just trash, but if the game is not treshovaya, then a port to consoles. I propose to weigh the "pros" and "against" and to understand how things are here in fact the case. And those who benefit from public view that PC gaming is dead. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contributes greatly to this topic. If you look purely superficially, in particular point in time, here and discuss something.

Games do not go, but if go, then – sucks. Piracy stifles the already moribund market. All progressive mankind chooses the console and the PC sit or complete conservatives, or people who do not have the money to buy a console. It's funny that the last call bums, rogue, etc. It is also funny that most of those who shout loudly: "Homeless! Bosota! Rogue! "- Children, who your favorite consoles and games for them to buy for the money their parents, and even have the audacity to not have an ounce of conscience call people who do not want to buy their tchotchke for $ 300.

And it is understandable, because when earn itself, it turns out that there is much more important things than buying a console. But I digress. The question of immorality, "mazhorikov" immorality and ru-net, in general, may be considered by me in other articles. And we are return to the topic of computer … I'll be moderating the myth of a dying PC.