Scholastic Aptitude

They conclude that the probable cause was small repetitive trauma injuries in the head during football matches mainly related to pitch the ball. (31) In another study, 240 university students were taken and divided into three groups of football players, athletes from other sports and a control group of students who did not practice sports. Participants completed a personal history questionnaire about previous concussions and neuropsychological capacity test conducted in the preseason. Despite a history of previous concussions, the soccer players showed no Scholastic Aptitude neurocognitive function or decreased in relation to athletes who did not practice football and the control group. They also found no relationship between episodes of concussion and neurocognitive function.

(31) Effects of a round of nods on postural control and symptoms of concussion. A 31 young adults (12 4.3 years) with experience in soccer were divided randomly into two groups. One group was made to head a ball 18 times for 45 minutes thrown by a machine (Jugs Corp., Tualatin, OR) at a speed of 13.4 m / s at 25 meters. The other served as a control group who kicked the ball 18 times in 45 minutes. On three occasions were evaluated postural control and symptoms of concussion: before, immediately after and 24 hours of the session of exercise. Official site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. There were no significant differences in postural control but the group had a higher pitched concussion symptoms immediately after the session but no symptoms at 24 hours. The symptoms were dizziness, headaches and feeling slow.