E, mainly, if the candidate has potential to carry through the demanded tasks and if it has knowledge on the profession. Mechanisms of Defense. Generally, the candidate is looking for to satisfy its necessities, forming a chain of forces of ' ' autoproteo' ' (prohibited of its weaknesses) e, being thus, its main objective is of ' ' vender' ' its image. Its mechanism of defense is to exactly manipulate the information on itself, simulating a personage who it is not e, of this form, tends to counterfeit the information. Its memory tends to forget facts ackward or to distort? unconsciously? information on its past, becoming it ' ' more agradvel' '.

Being thus, to develop an efficient interview, one must before be created ' ' environment favorvel' ' , which will have to be kept during all the interview. Formularization of Questions Is about the main tool of the interviewer, which requires technique, perfection and training. The interviewer must have clear objectives, ample vocabulary and know to use the words with precision. 25mg barato viagra When approaching this method one may get weakened ejaculation. The rundown overnight viagra of Kamagra Oral Jelly seasons presently on offer incorporates, caramel, pineapple, cherry, and so forth. But at the same time, you need to take care of the cancers linked to urinary tracks and reproductive systems, together with prostate, adrenal glands, bladder, kidneys, ureters, testicles and penis. 3. best generic cialis Different solvents viagra cheap generic take longer in dissolving the pill in the blood. Its language must be to the height of the candidate; that is, it does not have to use a language much technique for the common man nor a simple language for a superior candidate. Control of the Interview. Although an interview must be spontaneous, the interviewer must have some type of control to prevent that the candidate speaks freely, wasting time.

Therefore, one ' ' interview dirigida' ' &#039 is the term; ' mdio' ' between the two and it prevents the excesses. The time of duration of an interview is one of the controlled factors to be e, being thus, follows below some examples that had been studied: Five (5) minutes, for a preliminary interview (of selection). Thirty (30) minutes for a simple interview, with candidates to the average level. Ninety (90) minutes for a psychological interview.