New Technologies

The use of the New Technologies of Information and Communication is part of a new educational paradigm, pointing the necessities of the pupils and the forms as they must prosper in its studies, where long ago, the books had basic paper, today to give to place to the computer and all its resources. The use of mediating instruments as: machines, equipment, musics, books, etc., contribute for the development of a learning significant, pleasant and efficient, capable to awake in educating, the interest and motivation for the search of the knowledge. Being that the use of the new technologies in the teach-learning process is a constant reality, it is of responsibility of the professors to try to know all the possibilities offered for it, with the purpose to search I assist to develop pedagogical practical its improving the quality of its lessons. The excessively involved professors and must make use of these tools stimulating the construction of knowledge of the pupils in creative way and interacting with the colleagues. Excessive self stimulation damages nerves and tissues in the male organ caused due to excessive levitra from canada hand practice. Combine it viagra sale india with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Nerves Various studies have found that in Australia, almost 70% 5mg cialis price people who are suffering from diabetes will eventually face nerve damage. The viagra no prescription overnight products are safe, genuine and cheaper as compared to other pills and has the best effects. One becomes necessary to guide the pupils in all the studies, so that they do not leave the direction proposal and obtain to carry through its activities with success. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the constant attempts to innovate the process teach-learning, are evidentes the contributions that the use of different technological resources, are they it television, the calculator, the computer with or without Internet, etc., they provide to educating. Such technological resources are capable to give to the apprenticees the possibility to be constructing its proper knowledge, through its proper experiences, it stimulates what them to think, reaching higher levels of abstraction, to reflect, to create strategies, to manipulate concepts, causing beneficial consequences in what it says respect to the constant social changes, as well as the full o exercise of the citizenship and the work. The implantation of the computer and all the technological resources in the school becomes this more dynamic and interesting process facilitating education, is about a way capable to produce and to spread out the knowledge, as much to the professor, how much to the pupil.