New Entry System

The operation is simple: the retrofit system is switched between the metering and one or more fermenters. The complete provider WELTEC BIOPOWER has developed a robust liquid entry system that prevents downtime and thus ensure the technical stability of biogas plants. At the same time, profitability is enhanced by the possibility of a flexible Inputmixes as an alternative to expensive maize silages. The energy potential of silage or whole crop silage (GPS) is very high. Often the bacteria can not fully process however the carbohydrates and proteins because of the long, smooth surface of the substrate for biogas. With the MULTIMix, an innovation by WELTEC BIOPOWER, are fibrous and sticky input fabrics such as silage, solid manure or Kosubstrate and whose surface bacteria meet enlarged.

In addition, the MULTIMix separates foreign objects such as stones or metals before inserting and reduces the risk of damage to the pump and mixing technology, as well as putting in the fermenter and Piping. The operation is simple: the retrofit system is switched between the metering and one or more fermenters. From the dispenser, reach the substrate in the MULTIMix and be mixed with manure or Rezirkulat. Don’t get me wrong – e-mail is still a fundamental component cheapest cipla tadalafil of good business practice. There is no feeling of joy buy generic viagra or happiness in the sexual life. It holds the the cost of viagra component named Sildenafil citrate that makes sure that the erections are proper. The most obvious self-defeating behaviors you have helped to remove barriers to the first sign of panicking, have an overall pessimism, the use of rigid and stubborn behaviors and the order viagra australia right attitude! Self-defeating defense mechanisms to prevent the permanent blame others, rage and lose your temper, talking more than the next person, but alcohol and drugs to reduce anxiety. This arrival maceration is supported by an Auger system that simultaneously anraut the fibers. Before the long fibrous substrates and piece materials in the Mazerator reach and effectively be crushed, a previous procedure reliably separates the impurities before the entry into the pump. The decisive advantage: At the introduction into the fermenter the previously long-fibred substances have not only the optimal size, but are homogenized by the mixture with the liquid. As a result, the fermenter with already on gemaischter organic suspension is fed. Robert Tholen, head of the technical department at WELTEC BIOPOWER, explains: the bio-gas plant of a Czech customer was ramped up with the help of the MULTIMix after just four weeks on continuous full load operation.

It usually takes six to eight weeks until the load can be achieved with unvaccinated manure.” As a result, supports the biological decomposition of the MULTIMix and ensuring a faster and higher yield. At the same time, the risk is significantly reduced by swimming and sinking layers in the fermenter. This in turn reduces the bead work and the wear and tear of the complete installation. As a result of lower vulnerability, the usual pump lifetimes are significantly increases and increased system availability.