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There is a question that becomes clear, the events will be unveiling the conflict, which does not mention “the son of Trausi be triggered by the revelation, a character full of mischief. Other important issues Auster addition to random colors are eternal, destiny, and the value of words that is observed when Orr throws his blue notebook to prevent from happening what seems prescient from his pages. This alienation of eliminating the adverse fate through exorcism, is a justified paranoia with an example: a writer who had written a poem about a dead child, he loses his son had written to stop . Before the events to be resolved, Orr believed that the poet should have to keep writing. After the tragedies that befall him, he prefers to throw the book leaving a truncated fictional story (Bowen) and others (if that word) and real, which displays a New York full of drug abuse and violence, both written in the blue notebook go to the trash can.

Chang must renounce his American dream of owning your library and try to enter the world of prostitution, Orr takes an alternate site where the writer asked his opinion to invest there.

Orr maintains with a beautiful black and then feel guilty about cheating on his wife, from there-done-trigger random and click it all comes in a tailspin for the writer. When you return to meet with the Chinese, to reopen it elsewhere The palace and gives him a beating Sidney Orr denying the sale of another of the magical books Portuguese. For more semblance of reality to put a picture Auster (p. 125) from the top of a telephone from Warsaw to the year 37/38, in another of the pages you look at the picture where are the ancestors of Orr (Orlowsky) . In the evidence of the photos the writer character grows stronger real, being just a character created by Auster.

This masterful game boxes inside other boxes that led to the ability of an official who has a constant and undeniable talent. This book, the order book, is an order that had asked me when I went to Buenos Aires, but you can find at a local bookstore. I regret having to deliver, but promised, and once read, the best, most natural, is make it run.
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With regard to things we like, not wanting to share, perhaps due to the books borrowed and not returned (as you see I do not give names to avoid anger) – what is certain is that they form part of the famous a cultural capital as well as notes and classes. This capital book, the fact of having one-read it distances us who can only see screens.