Mini Cameras

Size of camera technology today has allowed us to produce models whose sizes are small enough to enter a pocket, as well as cameras that need to carry a pendant. So we choose the smallest camera enters a pocket to keep it close at hand? Not necessarily. As with everything else, there’s always cons. The most compact cameras have a zoom usually very limited or no zoom and the price is higher because of its apparent practicality. Another drawback is that to be so small, there is a lack stability when taking pictures at low speed and can be moved out (unless we use tripod). On the other hand, there are some features of the cameras that we require for themselves larger bodies, for example: a long-range zoom lens (obviously a camera with 10x zoom is not going to get into your pocket!). Most high-resolution cameras tend to fall into what we would call “large” (about the same size as a 35mm SLR).

At this point you have to evaluate your level of fanaticism for photography and decided that both size and weight is willing to take in pursuit of a good photograph. Storage Most cameras use memory cards within which we can find a variety of technologies and manufacturers. Some machines have fallen into disuse use diskettes 3 , but were being obsolete by the time it takes to write the images and the quality loss that occurs to be limited by the capacity of 1.4 megabytes (MB hereafter). Memory cards are not as many boundaries.