Integrated Claims And Risk Management

mediafinanz debt collection and credit information in the ePages shop the Osnabrucker collection company of mediafinanz AG and the Hamburger shop software house ePages to the shipping trade fair mail order world the integration of collection services and information products of mediafinanz AG announce. In the area of risk prevention, the merchant can minimize future their failure rate over a wide range of various information products. The selection which makes the ePages users mediafinanz credit checks of the renowned credit bureaus Schufa, Burgel, Infoscore and Accumio. The ePages user be can control very clearly their use shopping cart size and customer groups. Should despite painstaking efforts of dealers once invoices remain unpaid, the shop owner can put the Bills in arrears in addition in the collection status and release for the further processing of the mediafinanz. The TuV certified company provides with a clear, serious and professional address of the debtor for a fastest Reflux and ensures an exact real-time reporting maximum transparency towards the principal. Towards the end of the year, users of the popular ePages shop system will have the new features.

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