InFocus Corporation

Innovative solution from InFocus allows wireless connection between PC and projector Kassel, September 02, 2009 the InFocus Corporation, the industry pioneer in digital projector technology, presents its latest development in the wireless area. The wireless DisplayLink technology enables to connect PC’s and selected InFocus Projectors without cable clutter. In collaboration with Wisair, a leading provider of wireless USB solutions, InFocus DisplayLink system developed the wireless. This computer can be quickly and easily connected with InFocus DisplayLink-enabled projectors. So even HD content on the big screen without clutter can be presented. Field staff or teaching staff are no longer reliant on wired projectors. DisplayLink wireless adapters allow a simple, location-independent connection in the classroom or lecture hall. With its very low installation effort the wireless DisplayLink system is immediately as a Plug-and-project \”technology available.

After connection of the DisplayLink wireless adapter connect to the InFocus Projector, can be produced immediately from a distance of up to 9.14 meters,. There’s only one problem; 99 % of all Acai products on the market are of sildenafil tablets 100mg extremely low quality. To a layman, the maintenance of electrical equipment can ordering viagra online seem boring and simple as well. The main reason behind impotence is the order cheap levitra lack of blood flow in the penis that makes it difficult for men to talk about issues in the bedroom. This chemical causes relaxation of smooth muscles of viagra 100mg the penis and dilates the blood arteries in the penis. The new technology allows users, to share content and videos, with their audience and with a bandwidth of up to 99 Mbps. \”We are very pleased to note the partnership with InFocus, a leader in the digital projector market,\”, says David Yaish, President and CEO at Wisair. Wisair’s high-performance UWB and wireless USB single-chip technology, integrated in the InFocus Projectors, completely eliminates a cable connection. At the same time significantly increases comfort and connection options. Users can project wireless any content including HD videos and graphics from their laptops and at the same time maintain a wireless Internet connection.

The projection can be done thanks to the robust Wisair-based wireless connection from anywhere in the room. Therefore the solution especially for companies and education.\” A particularly important property the InFocus wireless DisplayLink solution is the simple installation of the system. InFocus uses paired adapter in advance. This means that the PC adapter are already connected to the projectors when purchasing.