En Voz Alta

After the terrible earthquake occurred on September 19, 1985 in the city of Mexico, citizens come together in a so-called civil society where by themselves, without the support of the Government, are organized to solve their problems, create shelters, money collection, rescuing people, organization of transit, among many more. With civil society, citizens have more freedom, justice for our own account and we can speak to our disagreements, trying to solve them, as we can see in the mobilization of civil society, where non-governmental organizations, such as indigenous organizations, gay groups, groups in defense of animal rights, etcetera, are protesting to defend their rights. In the mobilizations, we defend what corresponds us and want us to listen since we exert a right to obtain other that us has not granted. Join us before the rights of all citizens is to make that our country will improve considerably because a social problem affects millions of Mexicans from directly or indirectly. It It is important when what is sought or defended are not resources itself, if not access where access to resources is determined. Many times we are defending rights that we are being denied, but we seek to the end and not the means of getting to that end.

We need to do what is necessary, only as necessary, because with this objective is achieved. It must be present when the sharing of resources they are looking for get or know how, when, where will be and why you get such resources who are defending, for thus do you need to achieve our purpose and thus defend our rights in a most successful way. We all must stand up for our beliefs and rights, is therefore, Mexicans up to us do that not be overlooked so many injustices that happen every day in our country and affecting all Mexican, because although it may seem that I do not me va a pasar truth is that we are all exposed to these kinds of injustices. We need be aware and not blind us to situations occurring at the present time to gradually achieve successful changes. A fair country, it is a free country and that is what all Mexicans should be seeking to improve our quality of life.