Had this, the individual looks to aid and professional orientation better to understand what it is transferred in its interior, to understand which is its psychic necessities. ' ' It is not possible to say that a dream is ' ' somente' ' a dream, in the measure where it is a mental act the integrant part of the interior life of each one ' ' (SAROLDI apud FORRESTER, 2009, P. 16) the swaging and subliming of facts, thoughts, ideas or images that had been played in the unconscious one for action of the ego and superego hindering the action it id, cause one of the reasons for the sprouting of the neuroses, therefore this individual has fort to be able to restrain what it desires annulling to the voice of its id, and to this takes it fact to generate internal conflicts, as the neurosis. Soon, analysis of the dreams in the therapy is essential, therefore it is through this analysis together with all the psychoanalysis techniques, that the therapist can focus in the patient which is its internal conflicts, its you distress, fears and because they occur with greater or minor intensity. These people will discount viagra online focus on their partner not being reach their potential. levitra order You should also avoid taking it with alcoholic beverages, nitrate drugs, and fatty meals etc. At the point when this happens, different individuals from the family may feel disregarded or cialis sale angry. The first step levitra generika in treating ED is determining the true cause of the disorder. The dreams are capable of in giving information to them enough, to understand the individual much more of what the words pronounced for it in the therapy, therefore the dreams possess contents that we ourselves ' ' desconhecemos' '. FINAL CONSIDERAES the dreams bring more of our unconscious for the conscience desires restrained and ' ' proibidos' ' , stressed desires, in which we sublimamos, that is we inhibit our objects of desire, is that through the dreams we have the capacity to live deeply them. Its symbolic language; it brings for the psychologist a challenge in the capacity of the interpretation; each dream lived for the patient, can be seen as an enigmatic letter that I assist with it of a psychologist will have to be translated. .