Dekum Solution

Recently a one partner shop was opened in the MC ArthurGlen designer outlet in Parndorf. “Since October 3 there trust on the SaS (software as a service) your NTSwincash checkout solution” of NTS new technology systems GmbH. For the NTS new technology systems GmbH, manufacturer of POS software and retail management, this SaS solution systems represents an important milestone in the company’s ten-year history. With the SaS POS solution one could open up entirely new markets according to CEO Gunther Schrammel: the box office solution developed by us is suitable above all for small – and medium-sized enterprises, which want to buy expensive licenses, despite full functionality of the software provide a manageable monthly installment. For a small – or medium-size enterprises, it would finally barely profitable in expensive server hardware and network infrastructure to invest. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi.

We take over this investment for the customer, who then conveniently accessible via its Internet connection on a system, running with us in the House. What buy cialis online This shop are these erection issues called and give some detailed information about it Erection issues are basically those where the man is unable to make sex, it is know as the problem of ED or erectile dysfunction. The traditional medical system says one thing, while alternative medical practitioners tell you another thing. order cialis canada buying tadalafil tablets Avoiding these unhealthy habits is advisable to avoid them strictly. You might think that this isn’t nearly as good as writing your own material, but as long as you add some value to it with your own input, insight or just in the way you tie them together then it can be very effective. cheap women viagra We have great confidence in this new solution and are confident in Europe to support many SME’s.” SaS software as a service that is technical management of this software solution taken over entirely by the deploying company. The customer must only online access to its software applications and data. Especially for small – and medium-sized enterprises essential advantages with this solution, because not need to invest in their own server hardware and network infrastructure. Various administrative, maintenance and support costs dropped as a result.

As another important point would be to specify that customers opting for SaS require no specific IT expertise because this is provided entirely by the IT experts of the NTS. A SaS solution may in the rule can be taken very quickly and without complicated software installations in operation.