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Hello In this article we will talk with you about the templates for CMS WordPress, namely a template, paid or free, to choose for this system. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikkel Svane and gain more knowledge.. At this point in RuNet there are plenty of sites offering to download free (or 'warez') patterns, while sites offering paid templates are unlikely to get more than ten. The point here is not even solvency 'citizens' Runet deal in understanding the benefits obtained by using just a paid template. So, let's see, what's the main difference from the free template pay: 1.Bezopasnost downloading and installing, free, template you risk together with install to your website still some infection, because in most cases, free templates are checked for malicious code. Just in almost all the free templates there are hidden links (usually in the area footer). I can imagine how you like it if your blog will be present links leading to sites with very questionable content. This is exactly why an online pharmacy may offer online doctor consultations with treatment & purchasing viagra recommendations. free viagra consultation It has anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate blood glucose, fight cancer cells and boost immune system. levitra sale Numerous men interest for sexual relationship as a whole. coût viagra Long-term prostatitis can even induce the allergic reactions of the body such as conjunctivitis, arthritis and other lesions.

Using a toll, author templates in most cases, you are protected from such trouble. Using 2.Unikalnost free template, you are depriving your blog 'unique' design, perhaps, a pattern that you are using is 'worth' on countless other blogs using the template you paid attach to your site a unique look that gives your blog an advantage over thousands of others using free templates. For example, the site you can find the template to your taste by choosing from dozens of proposals. 3. Technical Support Using the free template, you are left to themselves, no one will help you to set up a template. Using a charge pattern, you can always count on the free online help from the creators of the template. I think you've already decided which option, paid or free, for you.