About The Artist Yevgeny Zakharov

Modern artists do not get tired of surprising us with unexpected and sometimes bizarre works. And among them are always allocated vivid masterpieces of talented artists. Perfect, amazing and fantastic world recreated in the works Eugene Zakharov, modern Russian artist. His paintings are saturated with deep, breathing colors, rich hues and endowed with unexpected subjects. Imaginative artist each time creates a fantastic new images filled with life and light.

A native of Reutov (Moscow Region), the artist Eugene Zakharov was born in 1958. Eugene received his art education at age 25, graduating in 1983, the Moscow Art School. And in the 32 , the master became a member of the International Union of Artists of UNESCO. For decades formed an individual author's style. Eugene now works in technology lessirovochnogo letter embodying his fantasy with the help of canvas and oils. Glazing allows the author to create a variety of hues and saturated colors, which makes his paintings unique and appealing to the most demanding audience. So far, supplements containing vitamin B6 and cheapest brand cialis magnesium have received the most praise. Talking can help eradicate the stigma or embarrassment that goes levitra viagra price with it. Not only the man, but his partner will also leads to the pre-mature ejaculation. on line cialis buying that They have mind-alerting ingredients, resulting in low stress levels and online viagra order enhancing mental endurance. Works of Eugene Zakharov not rated only at home but also abroad. Exhibition of works by Eugene Zakharov was organized by the Gallery of Santa Fe (USA).

Unusual subjects for each picture revealed in his own way and even the same person every time they are in new ways. Sensual and original, fresh and bright, and surprisingly easy to picture awaken imagination and uplift the spirit of the viewer. Aesthetic pleasure – the constant companion of all creatures, Zakharov. For example, the painting 'The Kiss' – an unusual portrait, executed in a typical author's technique, written by cold tones and opening to the audience and the ephemeral world of sensual romance. Charming picture of 'Youth' is full of warm and juicy brightness. Its profuse color scheme gives us the richness and diversity of opportunities, ease of youth. The artworks are unique and original personality and unobtrusive and natural. Therefore not surprising popular artists: paintings offer a fantastic world and make the daily routine into a dreamy fairy. And hardly anyone else will so fully express all of this on canvas! "The Kiss" "Youth"