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(100% of Right or 1% of the Work Cost)? They are not fulfilled the parameters established in the Law N 29022. For example the anchors are not had like an accessory element to posts. It is certain, that in the previous stage according to the article 234 before mentioned was not required of greater deepening in the coherence of the imputation, consequently the vices that we come enumerating formally would not exist in this previous stage to the concretion of the sanction. Nevertheless, the great problem is that at the moment that the Local Governments impose the penalty, they exactly reproduce the same format used in the Notification of Prevention, consequently in this stage if the vices are pronounced that we have enumerated. The previous thing, in the measurement that the Article 235 of the Law N 27444 demands for the validity of the resolution the following thing: (i) Motivated determination of the infraction facts, (II) norm or norms that the sanction imposition anticipates (III) the determination of the sanction.

Thus, emitted the sanction that in the particular case it is laid down in a fine, the same can be opposed by means of reconsideration resource, which on the basis of a new instrumental test looks for to weaken the imputation of the administration. They have publicly stated that as little as 30 minutes per day on a cell viagra without prescription canada phone could have adverse reaction, including insomnia and nervousness. You are ushered in viagra soft pills Continue to the best super specialty hospitals to have your surgical treatment done. Pomegranate is also believed to be of lot of benefit generika tadalafil 20mg for patients with arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Erectile dysfunction means levitra canada pharmacy no sex at least for you. Next, if the reconsideration is misestimated, still it is possible to interpose impugnativo resource of appeal against the resolution that rejected the first resource. With the resolution that solves the appeal will be due to have by exhausted the administrative route. In the assumption, that exhausted the administrative route I was continued with the illegal collection of the penalty imposed under the enumerated vices, then it is possible the use in soothes judicial of the following means of defense: (i) Revision of Legality, which is in charge to question the beginning of the coercive procedure of collection, and (II) Administrative Contentious Action, which questions the Resolution that exhausts the administrative route. Alternatively, in these cases the interposition of a constitutional process would fit additionally of subsidiary way of shelter in defense of the right to the due procedure. Also, it is possible to resort to Institute of Defense of the Competition and Propiedad Intelectual (INDECOPI) for the declaration of the illegality and/or irrazonabilidad of the imposed measures. Finally, the questioning of the TUPAS by means of a unconstitutionality action is possible.