The project coordinator, Johann Schrammel, is confident that the project has all the ingredients needed for a successful EU project. He elaborates, “EcoNav’s objectives require support from multiple partners assembling the appropriate mix of skills. With this highly experienced project “team we are convinced that we want to reach the project’s objectives.” All research and technology development activities are centred on user needs. The project coordinator, CURE, has long experience with the application of user-centred methods. This will ensure that EcoNav’s objectives stay aligned with user needs and that user-based requirements are specified in enough detail to be usable in the implementation phase. The Austrian software and design company Fluidtime are experts in the development of mobile and web applications in the context of real time information, and additionally have very broad knowledge of involving users in the development phase. In cooperation with the Vienna public transport (Wiener Linien) service, Fluidtime have developed the highly popular mobile transport service application Qando.

ETH Zurich wants to contribute with expertise in the area of transportation research and wants to ensure that transportation modalities and purposes are identified by using available GPS and travel information data. Furthermore, they want to provide their knowledge on transportation planning and data interfaces for transport information. ETHZ will work closely together with the Institute of communication and computer systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens. Give your partner levitra online pharmacy sex climax before placing male organ into the vagina. This is why Sfoorti capsules have this ingredient along with many other healthy order viagra ingredients to help stimulate growth of penile muscles. Thankfully I just required a period of viagra sale 5-6 days for curing my ED. Major attacks held among men is in adult age, that why men fear and attempt for the herbal treatment alternative to generic no prescription viagra . The ICCS are experts on user modelling, personalization and adaptive interaction development. The required expertise for estimating environmental impact is contributed by the Trinity College of Dublin (TCD), who wants to be responsible for the behavioural analysis, the emission and exposure modelling as well as the eco-driving model. TCD is especially experienced in the field of CO2 calculation and savings possibilities, choices as in the area of researching the reasons for travel mode as shaft. Expertise from the navigation industry is represented by the global industry player TomTom and the Czech software enterprise Telematix.

TomTom is the market leader for navigation software, used by over 45 million people every day. Telematix has so developed widely used navigation software called Dynavix. Telematix wants to be a strong contributor in terms of system design and implementation. Together with TomTom they are highly interested in making use of advanced research outcomes for future product development. The Austrian partner ITS Vienna region will be responsible for providing traffic information data in Vienna, where field trials will be held. For further information about the project please visit: project facts project title: EcoNav – ecological aware navigation: usable persuasive trip Advisor for reducing CO2-consumption project reference: 288466 project funding: seventh framework programmes, area: low-carbon mobility multi-modal and freight transport future and emerging technologies (ICT-2011.6.6) total cost: EUR 3.13 million EU contribution: EUR 2.