The Steel

In accordance with the considered objectives, a exploratria research could be effected, searching to be explicativa e, also, descriptive, involving the job of techniques of collection of data. The comment was used in the case study, to deepen the practical knowledge and better knowledge of the subject. The collection of data was carried through through visits the companies of the industrial painting segment, in the region of the Valley of Steel, in the period of February of 2008 September 2008. Recently Robotics expert sought to clarify these questions. 4. DEVELOPMENT 4,1 Processes. 4.1.1 Identification of the process Great part of the manufactured products, nowadays, is originated from the steel, therefore they offer great resistance, they are easy of shape and they possess a durability (resistance the impacts) very great, beyond the great variety of application. As people and everyone are aware that impotency is not a fatal health ailment and it no way affects our life cycle, but cialis cheap still this sexual disorder is capable to develop immense stress and anxieties in man’s mind by interfering in his sexual activity. viagra 100mg generika For few people it is not only about the sex but the feeling of love and togetherness. Kamagra mastercard viagra tablets are available in 50mg and 100mg dosage. These physiologic modifications might then decrease the india online cialis workload of the right ventricle of the heart and improves symptoms of right-sided coronary heart failure. However, this material base (steel) possesss a restriction: the easiness to the corrosion, that, with the time, restricts its applicability.

Thus being, these products, to increase its guarantee and durability, pass for a process of anticorrosive protection, that serves to protect the steel of physical or chemical actions. This sample that the majority of the products manufactured from the steel, citizens algun type of oxidant attack (rust), pass for a painting process so that they have, thus, a protection against these attacks. In the day the day, is coexisted diverse of these products, such as: cars, refrigerators, stoves, doors, gratings and metallic structures of small, average and great transport. This painting process, normally, is the last industrial process which the product is submitted, before being sent to the final consumer. Therefore, beyond its importance as anticorrosive protection, it also he is aesthetic, therefore one is about the final finishing of the product. To understand itself as and where it consists a painting process, one describes, to follow, a summary of the process, way that if has notion of as it functions: the ink, normally acquired in buckets (de18 or 3,6 liters), is placed in a container (beater), where it is homogeneizada, with its diluente, in ratios together preset.