PETG Translucent

The translucent, translucent and printable honeycomb panels ViewPan PET of Bielefeld Wacosystems is ideally suited for special lighting effects. The translucent, translucent and printable honeycomb panels ViewPan PET of Bielefeld Wacosystems is ideally suited for special lighting effects. You are versatile and for large areas, good to edit and have a low weight despite high bending stiffness. ViewPan PET can be used extensively in all major frame profile systems. Partition walls, light walls, suspended ceiling panels are just a small selection of the possibilities. The use of the trade fair, stage and Shopfitting is particularly suitable.

Is required in the trade fair building that walls allow plenty of light and allow a partial review, but nevertheless ensuring privacy, ViewPan PET be used. As ceiling panels, partitions Viewpan PET space in high halls and ensures ease with its transparency. In the corporate colours the panels also serve as a distinguishing feature and orientation for the visitors. A WaveCore serves as a core material of ViewPan PET panels honeycomb crystal clear PET plastic with 18 mm honeycomb cell width. This is bonded on both sides with transparent overlays of PETG plastic.

A crystal-clear adhesive permanently connects honeycomb and topcoats. The result is a lightweight, bending stiff and translucent honeycomb composite panel. The honeycomb structure interesting optical effects and a three-dimensional depth depending on viewing angle. The artery which carries blood to the penis is very necessary to make sexual experience to be filled with excitement and passion. generic cialis professional In the US studies have shown that these natural treatments work for most men, not only their body but viagra shops continue reading this page now also hits their soul is Erectile Dysfunction. The herbs in the pill can clear heat and order viagra toxins to wipe out the causative bacteria. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – hepatic antioxidant ingredient NAC is another antioxidant that improves liver function. viagra for sale The conditions vary from clear transparent and diffuse light scattering. Colored and satin surfaces can be realized by applying color films or coatings on the surface layers. ViewPan PET has a current B1 Brandschutzeugnis and is non-burning dripping off. For more information see group of Wacotech Wacosystems the Wacotech GmbH & co. KG and the Wacosystems GmbH & co. KG are sister companies with the same shareholders. The group develops and produces translucent, translucent honeycomb core and Thermal insulation materials. Resident in the North of Bielefeld, the Group served local markets as well as numerous international customers. About Wacotech product range focuses on the transparent thermal insulation (TWD). This distributes and produces the Wacotech GmbH & co. KG including brand name TIMax. About Wacosystems a further focus on the honeycomb technology. The Wacosystems GmbH & co. KG produces and sells type ViewPan honeycomb core materials under the brand name WaveCore and it further developed products such as translucent Designpaneele.


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