Revolutionary Means

new technologies will revolutionize our life a peculiarity of man is his extraordinary ability to communicate. This ability to maximize and optimize the flow of information, the man has used has always been tools. The first known means of communication of the history were clay tablets, wedge fonts and glyphs here around 3000 BC. About 150 BC, the first communications network was developed with the smoke Telegraph Network in the Roman Empire. The invention of the printing press can be seen as a cornerstone of modern means of communication in the year 1450.

This already laid the groundwork for mass communication. While reading of artistic books was first reserved for the nobility and clergy, the first regular newspaper was distributed only 200 years later. Leaflets with colorful images appealed to also illiterate, decorated their homes with the images. Falling paper prices and a first centrally organized postal network enabled the distribution of print media and bookstores, came in the 18th century first journals added. The printing techniques improved, the illiteracy rate declined, freedom of the press and the development of print media as advertising space made the medium more and more popular. This triumph of the print media continued in the 20th century, suddenly with a new, cheaper and faster media face to see the Internet. In parallel, the Telegraph Network developed in the 18th century as another means of communication.

The optical Telegraph Network rapidly quickly spread throughout Europe. This system evolved, and in 1833 built the first electromagnetic needle Telegraph in Gottingen. 1837 reported the American Samuel Morse the first Telegraph apparatus to the patent. A few years later the Morse code was developed about 40 years later by the first phone with real time communication to be replaced. Yes, that’s what viagra fast delivery and the plethora of ED drugs do in a certain part of their body to good use. The sexual aroused ED patients get viagra tadalafil the optimum result in bed. A lot of men struggle with achieving and maintaining the quality of sexual viagra overnight canada health. Research levitra generika 5mg has shown that inhalers, provided they show comparable efficacy, would work well. In 1897, the first wireless phone was invented, which worked by means of Herz’scher radio waves. The lives of people through a variety of inventions changed rapidly in the 19th and 20th centuries. About 1830, first photographs emerged, the gramophone was invented in 1890, 1895 first moving images could be displayed in the film. 1925 television began its triumphal procession, with the sales of people receiver 1933 radio moved in German households. in 1967, the world has been stained the colour television was introduced in Germany. Followed by satellite TV in 1971 and the VCR in 1978. in 1979 came the first computer for home use on the market. The most important milestone of modern communication happened unnoticed in the background: in 1969 developed the first data network the Department of Defense and leads to the birth of the Internet. This was commercialized in the 1990s and to the standard means of communication. A life without online communication is today hardly conceivable. Through the development of smartphones of the access to the Internet is at any time and from any location possible. The classic calling and sending SMS messages get strong competition from lower-cost Internet telephony or sending online SMS. The Internet combines all known media and means of communication. Print magazines will be replaced by online magazine, music disks are obsolete by downloading audio files, telephoning abroad via a landline is almost old-fashioned in the face of free Internet telephony. Where the journey of online communication will still lead, can imagine today. But one thing is sure that new technologies will revolutionize our lives!