Barcelona Theory

March 25, 2010 began working full version of the analytical game FUTURITI – what will happen?” This game is becoming very popular in the network. During the six months of existence of a pilot project in this game was More than 15.000 people have made about 33.000 bets. Project developers game FUTURITI conceived as ‘social betting’. The player is invited to show their intuition and guess how events will develop in the sport, politics, economics, entertainment and etc. (Total 9 categories), earning this money in Euros or game points for the drawing of gifts. Add to your understanding with Samsung. Here are some examples of current issues under discussion: How to play Barcelona and Arsenal in 1931 March? Mickey Rourke married bride Elena Dima Bilan Kuletskoy? Russian scientist Grigory Perelman refuses a million dollars? If you become more and author of interesting questions for the game, then your earnings will increase significantly. india cheapest tadalafil It is very afraid for people to eat outside. Some of the company delivers the medicine by cash on delivery. buy viagra without Sacroiliac dysfunction can occur viagra online store as a side effect of some medication. Lack of libido is viagra without prescription free the major outcome of mood disorders, and affects the man’s cognitive, erectile, physical and sensory systems. After the author’s fee is 5% of all bets placed on the forecast, and the number of players in unusual sweepstakes every day is rapidly increasing. Do you have a unique opportunity to participate in the discussion of various issues relating to events that should or could happen, that is, predict the future collective discussion.

Authors of the project adhere to the theory of “collective intelligence”. In recent years, has accumulated a sufficient number of successful examples of using this theory in predicting a variety of developments in the fields of sport, show business, history, economics, business and everyday life of society. According to this theory, a group of people will always answer a specific question closer to the truth than the answer to this question is the expert. There interesting affiliate program – with participation in it you will with each new player you have even an extra 20% of its revenues. FUTURITI – a unique opportunity to earn money by testing their luck, intelligence, intuition and the ability of the predictor.