Tachograph Data Acquisition

Masternaut, provider of telematics-based solutions for the management of mobile resources, has the acquisition of E.Novation BTC Munich, 10.07.2013. Masternaut, provider of telematics-based solutions for the management of mobile resources, has completed the acquisition of E.Novation BTC, a provider of data services for vehicles. This combines the telematics technology by Masternaut with solutions for the wireless transmission of tachograph data. E.Novation systems allow the tachograph remote download and easy archiving and analysis of mass data, while at the same time the European tolls and vehicle costs slightly in view of the subject. Due to the take-over, Masternaut can offer its customers comprehensive solutions based on a single platform. For the whole fleet management and proof of compliance with driving and rest periods, only a single hardware is necessary. In addition the data thanks to the wireless transmission are at any time and from anywhere available – at In addition to increased security. “Fleet managers need more to have the functions of telematics and tachograph now no separate platforms”, stresses Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut.

“E.Novation BTC technology the time spent on the daily work is thus considerably reduced, because the next generation of our telematics and tachograph solutions will be accessible via a central platform.” Thus, the solution supports all customers in regard to the intelligent digital tachographs in the EU, should be introduced in 2017/2018. The possibility to store dynamic driver and vehicle data wirelessly, to capture and download, significantly reduces administrative costs. In addition, further savings through automation of data acquisition and scheduling, as well as based on the more reliable data arise – at the same time reduces the complexity of IT. In addition to the higher efficiency of the logistics of this benefit, increase the Driver safety and all the compliance dates. “Tachograph solutions are necessary to ensure the safety on the road. But despite digital systems, high administrative costs are still a major pain point in the industry,”adds Hiscox. “Our systems go a step further than just that to reduce costs, help to develop the optimization potential of tachographs for fleet management and contribute to the maximization of the efficiency in the entire fleet.”