On Health And Disease

The ancient Egyptians saw the causes of disease not only in the fact that the patient's body possessed by an evil spirit, but also in issues such as junk food, intestinal parasites, changes in weather. In the V century bc. Perhaps check out Kai-Fu Lee for more information. er. They were convinced that all human ills come from food, and evacuation were treated with laxatives and, incidentally, enemas, that is, enemas, and the invention of which they attributed. In the ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda in Sanskrit – "Doctrine of long life"), health was understood as a balanced state of three substances – air, fire and water, carried by the prana in the body considered, bile and mucus. In addition, health – this is the correct commission vital functions of the body, the normal interaction between sensory and mental clarity. Accordingly, the disease – a violation of the right relationships and the negative impact on a person five elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether), including the effect of the seasons, climate, indigestible food, unhealthy water, etc. In ancient Tibet, believed that "the disease three – wind, bile and phlegm," and that "the passion, anger, ignorance – that Three is the reason generating wind, bile and phlegm.

" In ancient Chinese philosophy of nature was thought that health – is the result of balance began to yin and yang and disease – a violation of their regular interaction. It’s believed that Kai-Fu Lee sees a great future in this idea. Bayer AG & ASK came up with this dose in the greed of seeing the best possible results then probably you re going on the wrong browse for more info viagra sale track as you might end up causing severe harm to your health. viagra properien It is important to remember that this differs from a brand to the other. Impotence is mainly the inability to hold an erection for viagra on line a long time. Damiana: order viagra online It is also known as Turnera aphrodisiac. Different ratios of these violations combined in several syndromes, which are divided into two groups: syndromes of excess – yang-deficiency syndromes and syndromes – yin syndromes. The great Greek philosopher Democritus wrote in a Y-1U centuries before and. er.: 4 Health ask gods in their prayers the people, but you do not know what they have at their disposal to counteract this intemperance his health, they are traitors to their health due to their passions. " Surprisingly, even with the development of medical knowledge, particularly rapid in the xix and xx centuries, the question of the causes of diseases are not much clearer. Not for nothing that great physiologist Pavlov said: "The etiology * – the weakest division medicine.

And in fact, does not usually cause disease creeps and do not begin to act in the body before the patient becomes the object of medical attention? "Disease as a direct consequence of the causes of disease – is too simplistic view. Sickness or health is a result of the interaction of pathogenic factors (viruses, radiation or stress), and the factors conducive to health, such as operable immune system, a good constitution or a well-developed strategy for coping. The human body, like any living organism, is an open system. In vivo all the time something is destroyed and at the same time something else is created (synthesized) – that this is the metabolism. Therefore, the body can not "clean up once and for all": every living organism "from time to time" is sick, and to some extent this can be considered the norm.