It is fruit of profcuos studies on the related psychic phenomena with neurology, the medicine, psychiatry, the physiology and the philosophy, as well as its starting point it is in the old ideas and previous suggestions that had been developed and perfected. To leave of these studies it is that Freud builds the psicanaltica theory that if expanded in century XX and penetrates century XXI with the vigor of a science all that searchs the understanding of the citizen in relation with its proper body, and from this relationship, to understand its relations with the external world and the society, looking for to understand the causes of the psychic adoecimento through on theory to the technique. Freud was born and grew in a society marked for a great faith in the science illuminated for the lights of the reason, of the rationality. Vienna de Freud is of the Iluminismo, of the Illustration (Aufklrung), that even so delayed arrived (Sc. XIX) to the German territory, it has its vigor in the cultural and philosophical plan. Chronic Diseases: There are many diseases buy bulk viagra like osteoarthritis and arthritis affect our joints. viagra price The Kamagra tablets UK are utilized to treat male forsakenness (erectile brokenness). After you follow an Isagenix Australia system to detox your body you will notice the disappearance of many troublesome symptoms which have no obvious cause like headaches, fatigue, insomnia, depression, bloating, all of which could be experienced by the male patients after the intake of the pills of buy cialis professional 100mg . It is also helpful in curing speech problems, feelings of dejection, memory less and viagra tablets australia headaches. The Illustration is a philosophy that has optimism in the power of the lights of the reason to reorganize the human world, this if it knows capable to find solutions for its problems based in rational principles, being able to use them in all the aspects: politicians, economic, moral and religious (SPIDER, 1993). Freud is an intellectual, born in the cradle of this progressive Illustration. Its formation in the school of German medicine of the time is, therefore, mechanist fisicalista and. However its genius and curiosity take scientific it to an inquiry that until the moment, racionalista science did not have as interest object. From its clinical experience with it would histeria, through the hypnosis, fruits of its studies with it celebrates Frenchman Jean-Martin Charcot, Freud perceived that in it would histeria the patients show symptoms that are anatomically inexplicable, concluding that the histricos symptoms if base on reminiscncias that had caused great commotion and had been forgotten.