Modern Projectors

The ED does not constitute a modismo front to the before present traditionalism in the education, but a system capable to open way and to win barriers in regards to the technology – comumente she happens of the professor to less know of what the pupils. This difficulty, however, can be won with the accomplishment of constant processes of qualification of the professors, also for the inclusion of the lessons of computer science and educational technology in all the courses of Pedagogia. As well as the population it had of if to adapt to the electronic ballot boxes and the processes of computerization of the banks (and in Brazil this occurred in bigger scale that in any another country) is necessary to use to advantage> Ipod, mp3, camera etc; 3) the ones that can be connected to a net without wire; (wireless) as the cellular one, notebook, palm, etc. the 4) GPS – Global positioning system: it informs the place where we find in them, in the distance until where we want to arrive, the way and the time that we will lead to cover it! For this, 29 satellites exist! The school of today must be worried in> is not to use the rule that decides the problem; it is to think on the problem that promotes the learning as why so that the phases of the methodology must be gifts in all. According to BASTOS the school, any that is its modality, will have that to be less formal and more flexible, not only to transmit knowledge technician and livrescos, but to generate knowledge from the practical reflections on the inserted ones in a world that acts and if it differently organizes of the traditional projects (BASTOS 1996, P. Ultimately, it could be good online levitra alternate to switch the treatment. To ensure that all pfizer viagra men can more often than not also satisfying. Let’s be real when it comes to things in the bedroom. buy viagra online The other ways to super viagra online overcome the problem naturally. Ali Partovi will not settle for partial explanations. 2)Consideraes final The consequences of the use of new technologies must go beyond promoting the interaction and a bigger knowledge. It is treated, here, as already it was mentioned, of a useful process also in the combat to the social inaqualities that exist in Brazil.

The formation course has contributed for the change, but nowadays it is not enough to use the Word, Excel, Frontpage, Power Point and the Modern Projectors of Slides. It is> and this is a truth! That, in an apparent paradox, education in the distance has the paper to eliminate the distances.