This goal you simply do not motivate! If all you want from life – to pay off another loan payment but once a year to go to my aunt in a village in the wilderness, in Saratov, then do not expect from themselves hurried over. Why should once again move the solid, wasting precious energy (it is after all so little, and prices are rising constantly), if your salary on it enough, right? If you are a civilian employee (such as a lawyer, tutor, entertainer, massovika) and suddenly last week earned as much as usually earn in two months, stop. Enjoy a couple of months. No need to fuss. If you have earned for the year ahead, take annual leave. Why strain? You also, and so will suffice. However, if you complain about the laziness and lack of initiative, then you do not have to teach it:) Well, we figured out the cause.

It's time to write out a prescription. It is quite obvious after all of my ranting. If you feel tired of Oblomov, but drastic measures such as turpentine on the fifth point you are not satisfied, then the time for you, my friend (my mother), review your goals. Once upon a time I did not characterized by a particular zeal for challenges. As programmed (although, why how?) Followed the same route: study – the house, the house – learning, reading books – watching TV – meeting with friends – and then study. A goal? What kind of purpose? Finish my studies but would apply for a job.