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Trade press journalists visit company In the summer of 2011 had the editorial office in Stutensee, Germany ( the new format “Press tour” ( presented. Meanwhile, there were three such one-day editor travel for magazines of various industries, where groups of journalists each visited several companies. We interviewed the Organizer Dietrich Homburg to his experiences. Editorial: How was the new offer press tour of the “market” adopted? Homburg: Some slightly different than expected. We felt a significant difference at the company. Those who have write with us or taking part in the annual trade press days, we ran an open doors. In one case, less than 30 minutes ranged from conception of the idea and the commitment by mail.

In other cases we had to work until conviction. Now of course positive references help us. Editorial: And how the journalists responded to the new format? Homburg: Positive. Here we have a leap of faith, the in the Connection with the companies problem did not exist. Many journalists would anyway like to often visit companies, just lack of time. In one day the well prepared executives by two or three companies to meet, is therefore very welcomed.

Editorial: what have companies of a press tour? Homburg: First as a direct result of releases over the company. The long-term effect is more important in my opinion but. I’m still company visits from my time as a young editor in the head. The inhibition of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enhances erectile function by escalating the sum of cGMP. cialis price is a very selective inhibitor of PDE5. Yet the $250 checks that have gone out of your way to purchase Kamagra to improve your overall sexual experience and whether the cialis 20mg price medication causes any side effects. Arsha: Tribulus helps to acquisition de viagra reduce symptoms of piles Hridroga : Gokshura is very useful in cardio vascular diseases and it acts as a cardiac tonic as it strengthens the heart. Dr Dr.Satapathy is a specialized MBBS homeopathy doctor having 15 years of experience in providing online homeopathy treatment. cheapest cialis india Something shapes and ultimately affects decisions and whether who can speak on a particular topic only, or for example also indicates whether I read a press release or just throw in the trash. Editorial: How you conceive such press tours? Homburg: Our task is to find companies that fit, more specifically, which are the same editors interested in each other in a limited area. We therefore make the tours each under a technical subject. In the first three trips, these were: Sensors/networking, chemical process technology and packaging technology. We deliberately change the themes too much strain a journalistic direction. Editorial: It exhausted your repertoire of topics? Homburg: No, never! We confine ourselves in our work largely on the automation, but the press tour has plenty room for other topics. Editorial: What is the best number of companies for a one-day press tour? Homburg: Three seems to be a good compromise. The companies have more time at two, three more impressions bring the journalists, but require more endurance of them. I could imagine four companies only in special cases, such as when they are located on the same grounds. Editorial: How big should the journalist group ideally? Homburg: We keep the group deliberately small. This has the advantage that you can sit together on the lecture and conversation may at the Conference table. The flow is often more, as in “frontal” press conferences. Seem a reasonable upper limit around twelve editors to me, because decreases with increasing number the chance to get customized information for journalists. But just respected editors place much value on them. Editorial: Can newspapers in a press tour include? Homburg: Yes, just you get many impressions! As experience shows, that can affect very positively.